How to Contribute to OpenStreetMap in 5 minutes

Posted by Skippern on 14 September 2012 in English (English)

Catchy title?

User wille have made a poster [1] which gives an introduction into how to contribute to OpenStreetMap in a few easy steps. The one finished (actually he is still polishing on it on inputs from the Brazilian mailing list) product is in Portuguese, but he have an .svg source where the text easilly can be translated to other languages. I think this is a good idea, and such posters can be set up on collages where "tech-savy" people might study.

The project of cleaning up IBGE imported highways are proceeding with great speed. Many from the Brazilian community as well as other people intersted in helping are daily doing improvements, not only to the roads in question, but also to the surrounding areas. See my previous post if you are interested in that project.

Today I also added some port details near Rio Grande, where I might need to visit a ship yard in the near future. The details I focused on was to put enough information on the map that I might be able to route to it with OsmAnd. I hope it is included in the map befire I actually need to go there, OsmAnd doesn't update their maps too often.

Looking around the map today I noticed brownish yellow spots around several places in Espírito Santo. Did I really add that many farmland patches? I think I might have had some help. Are people starting to map landuse? I see that at least one of the foreigners helping tagging are adding landuse=residential so we are starting to add color to the map. I wonder if IBGE might have some sources that can speed this process? Europe have come a long way with Corine landuse data, and the US with some (TIGER?) data, why not look into doing some imports in Brazil as well?

I am starting to realize the ironic in the offshore industry. A ship equiped with an expensive remotely operated vehicle (ROV) install a two dollar toilet brush in one of its arms to clean a petrolium well hub at almost 2000 meter water depth.


Location: Industrial Tamandaré, Sede, Rio Grande, Microrregião do Litoral Lagunar, Aglomeração Urbana do Sul, Mesorregião Sudeste Rio-Grandense, Rio Grande do Sul, South Region, 96204-040, Brazil

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