Editing before going to work

Posted by Skippern on 11 June 2012 in English (English)

The bad thing about editing on the map before going to work is that I forget the time. I have to exit JOSM and unplug my hard drive as I use a public computer. If I have edited a too large area or starts the upload too late I risk that I have to either come too late to work or leave my hard drive connected to the public computer. Thankfully we are limited to only 20 people accessing those public computers, but still, I have some private stuff on that drive....

After the stunt with border relations in Rio de Janeiro state, I am now back on IBGE Census data for Espirito Santo, hoping to complete those parts of Presidente Kennedy that is not covered by clouds. I think I have one or two more days to do that. The question will than be if I continue with Itapemirim or Mimisa do Sul, but I'll probably decide on that first edit session after completing Presidente Kennedy. Municipalities of Marataizes and Vitoria had no valuable census data to import, and there are some municipalities not covered by Bing, I need to correlate the census data to Bing, or other background data to get it on the map, a slow process.

I filtered some garbage from the census data set today, removed all addresses consisting of only "RUA PRINCIPAL", "AVENIDA PRINCIPAL" or "ESTRADA PRINCIPAL" (main road). Keeping only data that have a streetname that make sense reduces the time editing alot.

Location: Centro, Presidente Kennedy, Microrregião Itapemirim, Mesorregião Sul Espírito-Santense, Espírito Santo, Southeast Region, 29350-000, Brazil

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