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Posted by Skippern on 8 May 2012 in English (English)

Finally thhe Brazilian comunity have been able to extract address data from IBGE 2010 census data, covering millions of points all over Brazil. Following a discussion on the Brazilian mailing list, this data have been devided by states and voluntairs from different states have received their part of the data.

This data have a few limitations:

  • the data is mainly covering rural addresses

  • there are lots of duplication in the data

  • data sometimes refer to entrance of building, entrance to estate, and even center of building

With these limits the import of the data must be done with caution. The preferred way after the discussion is to use the IBGE data in a separate background layer, and compare it with already existing data and Bing overlay.

Further I have been in contact with VLIZ regarding importing their EEZ/Maritime boundary data. They like the initiative, but are uncertain of what impact it will have on their userbase. My plan as I states in my contact with them is to do a one time import of their data, or even part of their data if they are not willing to release it all. They have also responded that they have some other data packages under development and might be willing to share some or all of it with OSM. I will continue to playnthis ball to see if we can get some benefiting data out of it.

For the rest of May I do not know how much time I have for OSM. Generally when I am at home my time is limited to diary entries and mailing lists, and to some extent some gps surveying, though there is little I can survey anymore as most streets have been traced. If I had time to do some walking paper I could get some street names in place (where IBGE data doesn't cover it, i.e. urban parts of Guarapari.

Location: Centro, Guarapari, Microrregião Guarapari, Greater Vitória, Mesorregião Central Espírito-Santense, Espírito Santo, Southeast Region, Brazil

Comment from JoshD on 9 May 2012 at 01:42

Would you or others in the Brazillian community be willing to beta test the conflation plugin I'm working on for JOSM? I've only had one other user providing feedback, and would like to have more. I'm looking for both bug reports and ideas of how to make the plugin more useful for conflating data such as addresses.

It's available just like any other JOSM plugin, and you can leave feedback on the wiki talk page or make bug reports and feature requests on the JOSM site.

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