Bing tracing, INT-1 .svg, JOSM preset and mapcss

Posted by Skippern on 18 April 2012 in English (English)

The good thing about not having a specific project is that I can jump around on the map without feeling that I am delaying a specific import or project. This way I have now been able to add some residential roads in Marechal Floriano and Vila de Itapemirim, some random land cover in southern Espírito Santo, and gathered a bunch of SVG files I can use as base creating a complete collection of SVG icons for my INT-1 documentation.

The same SVGs are used in my INT-1 preset and mapcss for JOSM. I have by now all icons in chapter U according to British Admirality, US Hydrographic Institute, Brazilian Hydrographic Survey, French Maritime Administration, Canadian Coast Guard and Singapore Flag Administration. Mostly there are an agreement on usage of the INT-1 symbols from IHO, though there are some national variations. All national variations will be documented on the wiki, while I will chose the icons looking best for the preset and mapcss presentations.

In the future I will try to make a Mapnik style rendering based on INT-1 recomendations. I will follow the same base rule there as in my JOSM mapcss, chosing the icons looking the best.

At the moment I develop the preset and mapcss as well as edit new icons while at work (in my spare time) and upload changes while at home (due to somebody deciding to block ssh connections in the company firewalls). This makes for a long and slow debugging process, but hopefully the preset might be ready for an official listing in JOSM in not too long.

After completing the INT-1 preset I will start looking into making a Brazilian preset, where I collect tags and values agreed on by the Brazilian community, in order to assist in more consista t tagging in Brazil. This should IMO be done for several countries, not necessary to replace the default JOSM preset, but as an additional support to it.

All my .svg files are public domain, though some are derived from copyrighted material, all elements copied from other files are from PD licensed files, rest are drawed from scratch using only the copyrighted files as guide. No direct tracing of copyrighted files done.

Location: Centro, Guarapari, Microrregião Guarapari, Greater Vitória, Mesorregião Central Espírito-Santense, Espírito Santo, Southeast Region, Brazil

Comment from baditaflorin on 21 April 2012 at 15:35

Good luck :)

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