Posted by Skippern on 4 April 2012 in English (English)

Ok, so OSM is now under the new license, ODbL. Hopefully this doesn’t mean much different for the contributors, and hopefully tha transaction to the new license havn’t messed up too much.

In the last coupple of days I have gathered a few gpx tracks, and finally today got them uploaded to the server. I will within a couple of days look into getting some editing done, adding a few new features.

Among what have been explored is a german restaurant (Grossmutter), a tourist attraction (Fjordland) a zoo (didn’t get the name) and a few roads. I also have the height warning of the viaduct in Linhares (the sign on the site says 5.20, but that is actually only valid for the lowest corner, I got to see more accurate measurements as it was in the process of approving a special road transport)

The tags I will use for the viaduct is maxheight=5.20 and maxheight:physical=5.20

With some of the roads I got around Pedra Azul I will be able to get a lot more out of Bing in the area, a large portion of one of the roads is so covered with trees that it is impossible to track from Bing. I hope the entire Rota de Largarta (thats the name of the road) can be traced now, previously only a few hundred meters have been traced.

Location: Cavaleiros, Macaé, Microrregião Macaé, Mesorregião Norte Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, Southeast Region, 27930-090, Brazil

Comment from Andy Allan on 4 April 2012 at 19:20

It’s not under the new license yet - that’s still to come. What has happened is the database has been moved to the new server.

Comment from Skippern on 4 April 2012 at 19:59

Oops, a little early, but that is how it goes when shooting from the hip. Guess this was the start of the process though, and non-ODbL data will soon start fading away making room for a complete transaction to the new license, anyhow, it doesn’t change much for me.

Comment from compdude on 5 April 2012 at 02:53

A perfect example of the OSMF confusing its users. I for one was under the exact same assumption as Skippern was. This whole process really should have been made more clear.

And yes, I will be glad to be able to finally do some real mapping instead of remapping, but I’m sure I might have to spend some time cleaning up the mistakes made by myself and others during the rush to eliminate red ways and nodes.

Comment from HannesHH on 6 April 2012 at 10:51

Whoa, I was just about to commit a license violation. Thanks for the heads-up, Andy.

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