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Building Canada 2020 7 months ago

@mikelmaron jaronswain simply confirmed that it actually has nothing to do with the OSM community in Canada and that they are now investigating convenient other sources for mechanical turks.

Not to mention the involvement of your employer in this which you forget to mention.

fieldpapers 8 months ago

Are you sure you are using vespucci? There is no such thing as a "selection cross" in the app.

If you are using it, please have a look at or the same text in the on-device help.

Building Canada 2020 8 months ago

What is exactly "community-led" about "Building Canada 2020"? I haven't seen anything that indicates that it is something else than stats canada trying to obtain a source of cheap mechanical turks (and a couple of bystanders making some money from the project).

fieldpapers 8 months ago

You might want to tell us what you are actually trying to do, particularly what makes it too hard to do on vespucci.

RTK test, Aerial pictures accuracy, and OSM Database Accuracy 10 months ago

Just a further note on increasing the possible accuracy: the 7 decimal digits are a consequence of using 32bit signed integers for the coordinates, changing that would be fairly involved.

In any case effects due to movements of the continental plates are larger (see ) than the limits on accuracy due to our coordinate representation and if anything should be addressed first.

presets are a sensitive topic 10 months ago

Maintaining a larger set of presets is a lot of work and we don't really have enough manpower to go around as is and for example just track common use as is (see the large difference between iD and JOSM presets). I'm not convinced that multiplying the number of presets is going to fix anything except burn even more time.

PS: @RobJN the wiki has said something else wrt "uncontrolled" since 2008 (crossing just with road markings) and I suspect that reflects common understanding more than an "unmarked" crossing..

Participation biases in OSM: Survey now LIVE! 10 months ago

Yes 50 years is only recently.for a social science concept, or put differently it hasn't really proved its value yet (lets discuss that in a 100 years or so).

To be clear this is not about if there should be more female participation in OSM or not; yes there should be, naturally. Different point of views are naturally welcome, OSM is from a number perspective dominated by white European males, but that doesn't mean we don't want to accommodate or support adding stuff that is not part of our culture, daily life etc but in general you need to take the initiative yourself instead of waiting for an OK or something like that (see below).

Back to the example:humans of the male sex are unlikely to be able to map vending=femine_hygine from a practical pov,

But even so the problem is the numbers are so low, the 1'400 odd condom vending machines were added just by 500 contributors, and a single person could probably easily skew the numbers one way or the other within a week. That is assuming that the vending machines in question actually exist in larger numbers, which again is difficult to determine for the already mentioned reason.

Are there other similar cases of probably sex-based physical access restriction biases to be found?

The other side of the issue is that there isn't actually a preset in any of the major editors for the specific value. Which makes it rather difficult to map such facilities to start with (spelling and so on). I've opened an issue for iD and vespucci to fix that, but see my point above: if you want to make something easy to mapped regardless of any sex related issues, you need to add presets for it.

Participation biases in OSM: Survey now LIVE! 10 months ago

Gender is mainly a grammatical concept that got started used as a social concept only recently, much to the confusion of people that actually speak languages that are grammatically gendered.

So lets stick with the sex of contributors to try and avoid that confusion. I think the "pub" example is particularly bad anecdotal evidence, not only because we don't actually have an extraordinary number of pubs mapped compared say to toilets and other objects, associating them with just one sex is invoking a stereotype as @SelineYang points out.

The good thing about OSM is that the data is open, and so it is easy to test claims against the real numbers, and I find it very difficult to see any pattern at all with respect to objects mapped, if at all and you want to invoke sexual stereotypes things that are typically associated as being male tend to have very low counts, and such that are higher counts associated with female stereotypes.

In the case of vending=condom vs. vending=femine_hygiene it is comparing a near zero number to zero and I'm not sure that there is any takeaway from that, outside of that universally people don't seem to map stuff in their toilets.

Vespucci 0.9.9 beta released 10 months ago

0.9.9 has been released now. Note that we don't/can't "push" release to F-Droid and have no control over what they are offering. They have been listing 0.9.9 for a while, without pointing out that it is a beta release though.

OpenStreetMap Awards 2017 – Meine Anlayse und Wahlempfehlung (Teil 2) 10 months ago

Das grundsätzliche Problem an den Awards und an den Modalitäten ist, dass man auf Teufel komm heraus gezwungen wird sie zu vergeben, siehe z.B. den Innovationsaward, da ist nichts aber auch gar nichts innovativ, aber nein man kann nicht dafür stimmen den Award nicht zu vergeben.

Somebody .... 10 months ago

I'm fairly sure that they haven't been able to successfully upload anything so there is no way to find them via changesets.

Participation biases in OSM: Survey now LIVE! 11 months ago

The other comment would be, after completing the survey, that it seems to be rather biased towards assuming an UK/US education system (for example by ignoring the dual-training system popular in German-speaking countries) even though DACH and the rest of Europe form the largest part of our contributor base (not to mention the language bias by only offering the survey in English).

Participation biases in OSM: Survey now LIVE! 11 months ago

Could you link to the " recent research that has found a strong male bias in OSM participation" It is not directly a secret that at least at the visible level there is little to no non-male contributors, but your wording seems to be a bit ambiguous and might be referring to something else.

Totalrevision der Verordnung über das eidgenössische Gebäude- und Wohnungsregister (VGWR) about 1 year ago


Does China really have 4,696,300 km of roads? about 1 year ago

Just a note on the side: the DigitalGlobe Premium imagery looks really good in the area ff5722 referenced, so no reason not to simply trace the roads there. Best by the local community, but that is a bit difficult in the case of China, I suspect if everybody chips in we could have far better coverage in a reasonably short time.

The bike lanes: Broken! about 1 year ago

Yoshinion can you point to a changeset that removed such information? On general when vandalism is suspected it is better not to fix things piecemeal but to do a full revert (or ask somebody to do one).


Не совсем стандартный способ собрать адреску с помощью Vespucci about 1 year ago

@Alan Bragg the alternative is to turn on the large drag area which solves some of the issues with touch based operations.

Не совсем стандартный способ собрать адреску с помощью Vespucci about 1 year ago

Typically you would add the building outlines at home before going out on on a survey (in general, globally, we have millions and millions of buildings without addresses so that will only be necessary in under mapped areas). That has the added advantage that it is then really easy to add entrances with house numbers (which naturally depends on how house numbering is done in your region).

Missing Maps Mapathons as a recruiting instrument about 1 year ago

@majkaz well locally (that is Switzerland) we do continue to write a welcome message to every new contributor, regardless of what they are using. But I don't kid myself that we are really reaching any of the or whatever users.

Missing Maps Mapathons as a recruiting instrument about 1 year ago

@majkaz there is no indication that or osmand or whatever are a source of any larger mappers at all, and are just as bad, if not worse, than mapathons in that respect. Even though we a churning an order of magnitude more users through such apps than through mapathons.

The above is just a negative if you are trying to sell an app as the saviour of OSM, for the rest it just means we should set our expectations right and not make special concessions because the numbers seem to be so large. And also it doesn't mean that the contributions of such contributors are not useful, just that it doesn't help with expanding and rejuvenating the base of core OSM contributors, the couple of 10'000 people, that do > 90% of all work in OSM. That is our main challenge and what we should be concentrating on.