A joyful journey with HOT

Posted by Sawan Shariar on 9 May 2020 in English (English).

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) is the dedicated team to take humanitarian action and develop the community through Open Mapping. It is the active team of OpenStreetMap data for disasters and preparedness mapping. I really appreciate the value of open data and the way that HOT has created for the people around the world to contribute in a meaningful way.

I am S M Sawan Shariar, deputy volunteer coordinators for OpenStreetMap Bangladesh Foundation (OSMBDF), as well as deputy coordinators & validation lead of Bangladesh Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Operational Team; known to all as BHOOT. Recently chosen as Data Quality Intern for HOT. Currently supervising the Map Your City project commenced by team BHOOT to bring the whole Bangladesh into the map. It is noteworthy to mention that, I am listed as the top contributor on MissingMaps Global Leaderboard.

I have been involved with HOT activities over 5 years, which starts with the Data4Action project initiated by American Red Cross in 2015. Since then I have been an active contributor to OpenStreetMap, HOT & MissingMaps mapping activities through remote tracing, field mapping & validation both in Bangladesh & other parts of the world.

I have also been involved with YouthMappers network since 2016 and was the founder president of YouthMappers Dhaka College Chapter, one of the vibrant chapters in the global YouthMappers network. Currently advising and providing support to the beloved Dhaka College chapter and as well as all the local chapters in Bangladesh.

I have joined all HOT initiatives, campaigns, and activations and spread HOT motives and code of conduct by arranging seminars, parties, training, and open discussion in the local community.

Back in 2017, I was involved deeply with the HOT activation to provide quick response to the devastating flood happened in the south Asian region of the world “South Asian Flood” as a deputy volunteer coordinator and helped in the identification of affected areas by creating projects in HOT Tasking Manager, as well as remote tracing & validating other’s tasks.

I worked as a deputy volunteer coordinator and validation lead for the refugee crisis (Rohingya Crisis) in Bangladesh where the team BHOOT helped the Government, NGOs and UN agencies by creating projects and drawing features in OSM. Additionally, I also provided support for the ASWA II (project for ensuring WASH facilities in most underdeveloped areas of Bangladesh) project initiated by UNICEF with creating projects in the teachosm platform and drawing features for 52 unions in Bangladesh.

I was also involved with the HOT campaigns through the HOT Malaria Elimination Program, Tanzania Development Trust, Women Connect, etc. For the Malaria Elimination Program, I involved my YouthMappers Chapter and we achieved 3rd position. I am one of the winners of the “2019 Global YouthMappers Challenge’’ in partnership with the Humanitarian Openstreetmap Team (HOT). I was the country representative speaker for SotM Asia 2018 in Bangalore, also one of the scholars in HOT Summit & SotM 2019 in Heidelberg, and carried out the responsibility of Administrative Assistant for SotM Asia 2019 at Dhaka.

Since the very early stage, I have been involved in strengthening local capacity and supporting mapping initiatives. In the journey with OSM, I have contributed to several local and international mapping projects and have developed expertise in community engagement, team coordination, project management, remote sensing, field data collection, and local volunteer organization. I have conducted more than 30 OSM training and facilitated youth engagement in several educational institutes, local communities, NGOs, and The Bangladesh Red Crescent Society.

The work undertaken by HOT has always been interesting to me, pleased and inspired me, and the culture of support the organization has created is one that I would love to be a part of. I would appreciate the opportunity to work with the HOT Team, how my experience would be of benefit to the organization and the local community in the advertised role.

I believe local community engagement is the greatest challenge. I am especially interested to increase more local community engagement at the root level for prompt sustainable effort. I believe the local OSM groups have the capacity to catalyze the development and growth of OSM around the world. I will give my best effort in future to contribute during HOT initiative, campaigns and activations will continue to spread HOT motives, code of conduct, promote open data movement and mapping technologies.

Location: Sobhanbag, Dhaka, Dhaka District, Dhaka Division, 1230, Bangladesh

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