Ssekitoleko Derick was inspired by fellow mapper Kaluba Micheal during State of Map Africa 2021 last week in his session he talked about joining Youth mapper Chapter when he was still studying at University but what interested me most he was not a student of GIS or Geography but he has been able to learn how to use Mapping tools to contribute to OpenStreetMap and he has accomplished many things and on top of that he was selected among 10 top mappers. He also mentioned that he received a grant to travel to Tanzania were he was able to learn more techincs in mapping. As a person who never had a chance to attend University I was always thinking that to be a good map I have to obtain a degree in either GIS or other related course. That inferiority always had a negative impact on me while mapping or applying to any opportunity in mapping but Kaluba Micheal has proved me that I don’t need a degree in GIS to be perfect in mapping I just need to concentrate and learn how to use mapping tools, I can be a great mapper and I can contribute and help my community as he is doing in his community.

Location: Wakiso, Central Region, Uganda

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