British Bird Fair

Posted by SK53 on 23 August 2009 in English (English)

I went to the Bird Fair at Rutland Water yesterday. It was a good opportunity to fix a few things in Oakham and start adding more of the Rutland Water Nature Reserve. Amazingly I managed to find 6 new roads to add to the middle of Oakham (2 still to do), although one of them already existed as a ghost untagged way from 2006 by blackadder. I thought there was something missing a while back because the place I catch the bus when I go to the Bird Fair seemed to be missing. Collected a few POIs in the town, and loads on the bus on the way there.

I collected a few details of the bird fair, but the queues for the loos were too long and proximity rather smelly so I failed to waypoint these. I did get to all the hides on the N side of the reserve area: including 2 overlooking a huge new lake (lagoon IV) between Rutland Water and Oakham. I hope I've got enough pictures to do my Naive Triangulation trick to get a more accurate profile of the lake: nothing on Google Earth yet. Also how does one tag poles placed for Osprey nests: man_made=????

I even noted two bits of tactile paving, but haven't tagged them properly yet. They were where the footpath crosses the main road. But quite how anyone who needed tactile paving was going to navigate across the fields, I don't know: particularly the one which was freshly ploughed.

Location: Catmose, Oakham, Rutland, East Midlands, England, LE15 6JD, United Kingdom

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