Sets of Eponyms in Street Names

Posted by SK53 on 16 June 2009 in English (English)

It's rare that OSM mapping makes me laugh, but last night driving home I diverted to collect some additional stubs (and names) for residential roads, and what I found still makes me chuckle now.

I turned into Wembley Road, passed Greaves Close, Byrne Court, Osgood Close, Peters Close, Tambling Close, etc. finally turning into Ramsey Drive. Those of a certain age will instantly recognise these as members of England's one and only winning World Cup squad from 1966. Oddly these are mainly players who did not make the team in the final. Who but sad old gits like me can remember Bobby Tambling? It also places the age of the houses to within a few years after 1966!

Also in the Nottingham area are: the Torvill and Dean estate - named after the eponymous ice dancers and their greatest triumphs, eg., Bolero Drive; and the recently mapped Hempshill Vale estate where all the roads are named from 1960's US astronauts. I hope to discover more of these gems of quirky naming.

Location: Woodthorpe, Gedling, Nottinghamshire, East Midlands, England, NG5 4JY, United Kingdom

Comment from IgnoredAmbience on 16 June 2009 at 16:43

In Sutton, London, there's the Roundshaw Estate, built on the site of Croydon Airport.

Nearby, there's a few Surrey town names.

The whole of the St. Helier estate is named after the country's abbeys (they're all located in approximately alphabetical order, too)

Comment from SK53 on 16 June 2009 at 19:52

Abbey names are a little bit higher class than footballers. I'd forgotten about The Bomber Estate in Maidenhead, although the council prefer Halifax Road: all named after British bomber aircraft of the WWII.

Comment from marscot on 16 June 2009 at 21:10

in coatbridge we got courts named after hill groups ,fintry, ettrick, nevis, striven etive, ect and also river ,tweed, clyde, avon, tay, and all listed on osm ;)

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