Gedling, Nottinghamshire

Posted by SK53 on 21 April 2009 in English (English)

Gedling has long been a big blank on the Nottingham map: it's just off the E edge of the Yahoo Aerial imagery. On Friday I took a couple of buses through the area (on the way to a Chinese meal: relevant POI not yet on map), and grabbed as many street names from the top of the bus (double-decker buses are still good for some things) as I could furtively dictate into my dictaphone. I also managed an hour and a half wandering around one of the more modern developments on the edge of the built-up area. The really good thing was that it enabled me have a much better handle on how much of the old pre-1950s map could be applied to the area, so in addition to the GPS and survey data I've been able to add other streets from those maps.

Unfortunately, I had missed the posts about JOSM with the new API until I'd already done a hefty number of edits. So I've been on tenterhooks all weekend to see if I had to re-do all the work. First attempts failed, but eventually managed to get a one node change uploaded. Further fiddling about using multiple layers, cut-and-paste and hand editing of saved OSM files to set the version=0.5, and I managed to get most of my changes into a new API file. The only bits I've had to redo are the joining of nodes to existing ways, and splitting of existing ways. JOSM needs to give better feedback in the GUI on failed attempts to close a changeset. I haven't tried to do anything with relations: will probably redo these by hand (and not in Potlatch for the moment).

All in all very relieved to get this into the DB, to have personally managed the transition to 0.6, and not to have been the person worrying about why one table wouldn't import (would be nice to have an equivalent of Oracle transportable tablespaces).

Thanks for all the hard work by sysadms.

Location: Thorneywood, Sneinton, Nottingham, East Midlands, England, NG3 2PB, United Kingdom

Comment from David Martin on 21 April 2009 at 19:18

I've not seen any posts on upgrading JOSM for 0.6. Is there any info out there?

Comment from SK53 on 21 April 2009 at 20:06

Make sure you have a version JOSM v1529 or higher. The real problem is with edits on version 0.5 data not loaded onto the server before the upgrade. With the new API the data will include a version number of the way/node/etc, and without this (as in 0.5 data) it's not possible to reload it.

Comment from kevjs1982 on 22 April 2009 at 20:17

Slowly but surely the Eastern suburbs of Nottingham are getting mapped - I'll have to get out and finish Gamston.

Out of interest what GPS did you use on the bus? I'm finding my C905 (and the bluetooth unit before it) aren't that brilliant - placing me south of the Trent when in the Meadows for instance (then again they are single decker Versas which seam to have tinted windows reducing DAB and GSM signals a bit too :( )

Comment from SK53 on 23 April 2009 at 15:49

I use a Garmin etrex Summit HC. I've certainly noticed it losing sense of its surroundings on single deck Barton buses (usually when stopped at a bus stop for a long time). I noticed the new style trains to London don't allow any signal at all!

I went out in the car last night to grab some more traces around Arnold, but its nigh on impossible to collect POIs as one goes. I think the top floor of the bus offers higher productivity. Now I've got some basics done I'll probably focus on these three suburbs. Which just leaves Bestwood Park and Bulwell for later!

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