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How can I get accurate locations in a forest ? over 6 years ago

Try Stava Slide. It takes millions of track to determine the mean. Lots of fun to use as well.

Your lucky tons of tracks in that area.

First Day over 6 years ago

welcome to OSM

1221-2013 over 6 years ago

Welcome to OSM. I see your using id. Have you tried the Mapbox imagery in your area? Looks better than Bing.


Map Somalia over 6 years ago

Every tired Great way to add data, so us arm chair mappers can help out.

Map Somalia over 6 years ago

Good luck. I will do a few edits to help out


Importing 1 million New York City buildings and addresses over 6 years ago

Great Job. Thanks for the info

My first day on OMS over 6 years ago

Welcome to OSM

Using Open Street Maps almost 7 years ago

Like this?

Using OSMand on the road almost 7 years ago

Love OsmAnd+. Great job on how to use it.

Aw, snap! almost 7 years ago

I have had the same problem with Chrome and Windows 7. Using Firefox now seams to work OK with ID.

New Ottawa Mappers Website almost 7 years ago

Sorry Richard,

forgot this site.

New Ottawa Mappers Website almost 7 years ago

Great job Richard! What about showing the latest edits around Ottawa?

Street Level Photo Uploads? almost 7 years ago

The app uploads the photos for you when you connect to WiFi. Then you can use the imagery to edit OSM.

I also use OsmAnd, great OSM App for adding POIs when your traveling

Street Level Photo Uploads? almost 7 years ago


Android OSM apps almost 7 years ago

My vote would be OsmAnd. For photos try Mapillary, great work flow for getting your photos into their Open Street View which uses OSM. From there you can see your photos and then edit OSM

@OsmThis: Twitter to OSM almost 7 years ago

Sounds great. But just tried it, what am I doing wrong. I’m @rps333 on Twitter. Cheers.

How to Map your Trek in Nepal almost 7 years ago

Great story! Have you had a look at the Strava Heat Map and Slide? Great way to map trails.

First steps in historical OSM analysis about 7 years ago


New users shouldn't be allowed to delete a lot of data about 7 years ago


New MapRoulette Challenge: Ways Needing Smoothing about 7 years ago

Great way to kill time. Spent a few hour on it, while I waited for my plane.