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Conducting workshops for community building about 2 years ago

Great story. Thanks

10 years over 2 years ago

Great story.

My maping are directly to the finding of Crown Lands for the purpose of Wild-Camping. over 2 years ago

Welcome to OSM.

Thanks for the post and adding to the OSM Project. You should add some Mapillary Photos for some of the roads on the way to the camp sites.

If you need a mount for your smartphone let me know.


This is good ! almost 3 years ago

Welcome to OSM. I like using Mapillary to collect info on POI, when I'm out mapping.

CanVec Import for 085F05 (Fort Providence NWT) almost 3 years ago

Good luck. Please updated us on your progress

Is there an app for creating notes? almost 3 years ago

Mapillary also works great for collecting POI info. You can then view the photos right in the ID editor

Is there an app for creating notes? almost 3 years ago

I like using OsmAnd+

GPS Traces for Regina almost 3 years ago

Cool. Great mapping. Have you ever tired Strava Slide?

or using Mapillary on your bike?


Points of interests in Bundaberg CBD almost 3 years ago

Great post.

Mapillary をOSMマッピングにオススメする10の理由 / 10 reasons why I recommend Mapillary for OSM mapping about 3 years ago

I agree, I love using Mapillary and OsmAnd+ when I'm mapping on the field.

Cool man~ about 3 years ago

welcome to OSM

Mapping Parcel Data in Canada about 3 years ago

OK, I get it now. Very cool.


Mapping Parcel Data in Canada about 3 years ago

broken link

Mapping of Sukadana over 3 years ago

Cool. What about adding some mapillary photos as well?

Action started to promote OSM uploading with overlanders over 3 years ago

Great work. Thanks

Slêmanî over 3 years ago

Great Post. I have also been mapping Kurdistan. Hopefully it will help the refugees.

Mapillary | Mt. Abu | 27th December 2014 over 3 years ago

Very cool. Thanks for the post. Glad to see lots of Mapillary. Have you tried Strava Side?

Website for asking to improve just one area in OpenStreetMap (or paying for improvement) over 3 years ago

What about paying locals (taxi drivers) to dive around with the Mapillary app on?

Visualizing improvement in improving Carroll County in OpenStreetMap over 3 years ago

Well done and great article.

Edited Porotnovo ...! Finally over 3 years ago

Nice. Keep up the great work. Have to seen . Works great with ID