Posted by RichardKYZC on 19 July 2018 in French (Français).


I realized a test with osmconvert. osmconvert file_original.pbf -o=file_o5m.o5m osmconvert file_o5m.o5m -o=file_final.pbf

There is a difference of size between file_original.pbf and file_final.pbf The file_final.pbf is smaller.

Can you explain the difference between the two files ? Does it exist a difference of quality, precision for the map defined by the file_final.pbf ?

In final, the osmconvert will be use to append data in a database with the option –subtract.

Thanks Best regards Richard

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Comment from Jochen Topf on 19 July 2018 at 13:46

You can use osmium fileinfo -e FILE to see a checksum of the contents of each of those files. If they are the same, the is no difference. If they are different you can use osmium diff to see what the differences are. Osmium is available from

There are different ways of encoding OSM data in a PBF file. You can use different block sizes or order the internal string table in different ways. This will result in slightly different file sizes. See for details of the format.

Oh, and I suggest using for questions. Just so this here by chance, on probably more people will see it.

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