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AAARGH !!! Those Spammers ! about 1 year ago

Yeah, the problem with the most popular (and successful) captcha is that it's used to crowdsource data for Google's proprietary mapping database, which is kinda contrary to the OSM project.

AAARGH !!! Those Spammers ! about 1 year ago

In particular see

OSM has failed me about 1 year ago

Do you know which changesets removed the Spanish names?

Potlatch 2.5 about 1 year ago

Does using the new menu at the bottom not work? It does for me on (say) the inner way of Worcester Cathedral at .

Potlatch 2.5 about 1 year ago

Cool, thank you. (I misspoke about the 16th century though. P2 does support shapefiles and they're probably early-medieval.)

Potlatch 2.5 about 1 year ago

The list absolutely is used by P2.

There are two things that might be relevant:

  • P2 uses the .json file from . It may be the case that this hasn't been updated to take in new additions, I don't know. You would need to raise an issue with editor-imagery-index if that's the case.
  • P2 does not and will not support WMS (or any other format devised in the 16th century ;) ).
Potlatch 2.5 about 1 year ago

What issue is that?

Potlatch 2.5 about 1 year ago

The reason for defaulting to the multipolygon relation is that standard practice is now that, in the case of a multipolygon, tags should be on the relation. So if you're tagging a building with a hole, the relation should be tagged building=yes (as well as type=multipolygon), and the constituent ways should be untagged. No other type of relation is automatically selected. See, etc.

Shift-drag needs finessing to stop accidental zooms, rather than disabling entirely, and I'll do that when I have a spare minute. There'll be an option to customise the maximum data level in a future version.

Potlatch 2.5 about 1 year ago

@metatech Now fixed in the code, will be fixed on next time it's deployed.

The difference between a roundabout and "just a road that goes in a circle" about 1 year ago

+1 to Vincent; very common in the UK too.

Potlatch 2.5 about 1 year ago

Heh - someone can write a JOSM plugin to do that but it'll have to be someone who uses JOSM, understands the JOSM codebase and has more than a passing knowledge of Java, none of which is me!

Potlatch 2.5 about 1 year ago

Thanks. Probably the tag selector getting in the way even though it's closed - I've had that problem before. I'll take a look.

Potlatch 2.5 about 1 year ago

@metatech: hm. That'll be related to dialogue boxes appearing on the screen - one of the changes in 2.5 is that the normal keypresses are blocked when (for example) the save dialogue is on the screen. It should restore them when the dialogue is closed, but it sounds like it isn't doing so. If you could come up with steps to reproduce this consistently that'd be a huge help.

@ghost_07: good idea! @sulagaloh: hopefully a keyboard shortcut to select the way would fix your issue; I'll look into that.

the centre of Berlin about 1 year ago

I would expect this most central spot to be often in front of the townhall (maybe sometimes the cathedral) or the main market square (in traditional towns) or likely both.

In Britain, it's often a central junction where the historic through-roads meet. So in Oxford it's Carfax, in Gloucester it's The Cross, here in little Charlbury it's Bull Corner, and so on.

What happened to Potlatch 2 ? over 1 year ago

Side effect of another change. It'll be back in the next version.

Newcomers are welcome, even Pokemon Go mappers over 1 year ago

Rory: amen to that. As a data consumer, I recognise that more harm can be done to the utility of the map by one self-regarding "super mapper" than by a thousand newbies adding ponds.

Colloquial English over 1 year ago

Same school of thought as the dozens of narrowboats called "Meander"...

Progress Report: Railway Crossings challenge for MapRoulette over 1 year ago

Excellent. I had noticed a bunch of newly marked railway crossings while fixing up TIGER classifications!

Share with Twitter / Facebook over 1 year ago

The latter is :)

Copywriter Hong Kong over 1 year ago