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Entered minor changes, JOSM appeared to hang over 3 years ago

Note: The hang might only happen when I save the changes while exiting JOSM. I just made another change and clicked the Upload button, and everything worked perfectly. Then, I exited the program and had no problem.

Entered minor changes, JOSM appeared to hang over 3 years ago

I made some changes today (30 November 2014) and had the same result. The message shown by JOSM is "Preparing layer 'Data Layer 1' for upload...." and JOSM appears to have hanged. However, looking at my profile on, it appears that the changeset has been saved.

Powerline from Safford, AZ toward Duncan over 4 years ago

Thank you. I'll check that out too. I will probably update the map over the weekend.

Powerline from Safford, AZ toward Duncan over 4 years ago

Thank you. I'll try that out.

San Simon Barrier Structure Dam over 4 years ago

After updating plugins, utilsplugin2 now runs with my version of JOSM. I can use the Replace Geometry tool, now.

San Simon Barrier Structure Dam over 4 years ago

I added utilsplugin2 to JOSM, and now I get a message that utilsplugin2 requires JOSM v 6162, but I only have JOSM v 6115. I thought I was using an up-to-date version of JOSM. Is the correct version available for Windows?

Added Barriers to tracks over 4 years ago

russdeffner, I'll try to correct my barriers and a few other things today or tomorrow (Sept 2 or 3). I took some more GPS readings yesterday. One of the ditches is already about 2 feet deeper, so there's no doubt I was correct to put a barrier there!

San Simon Barrier Structure Dam over 4 years ago

Thank you, jremillard and malenki. I'll try to correct my entries today or tomorrow. When I work on OSM, I tend to forget about all of the other things I have to do, so I need to keep myself from making the fix immediately!

Added Barriers to tracks over 4 years ago

Hi Russ, Thanks for the comments. Sorry to take so long to reply. At first, I thought I had done as you suggested, but I think I see what you're saying now. The barrier and the road should actually have a node in common, right? I'm not inclined to map the entire barrow ditch. Barrow ditch is not actually part of my regular vocabulary, but I believe it means the ditch that runs alongside the road. In my mind, that means it is part of the road. At any rate, there are more important things to correct. In my mind, the dry washes around here are not intermittent streams, because the only time they have water is when it rains--just like my driveway. I was looking around at the OSM Wiki, and I see that there is something called a Wadi. (There are so many words for dry wash!) Does it seem right to you for me to map the dry washes as Wadis? Finally, I updated the San Simon barrier dam yesterday. It's an erosion control structure, and I'll make a new diary entry for that. Say, is it OK if I make you a friend on OSM?
-Richard Hufford

Haekel Road almost 5 years ago

Russ, Thanks for looking over my work and helping me out. I'm not very familiar with Hot Well Dunes--I think I've been there twice in the 25 years I've lived in the area. When I took the GPS readings, we just drove a little way inside the place. I believe the area right by Haekel Road is designated on a sign as a "Wildlife Viewing Pond". The hot spring is two concrete pools about the size of a Jacuzzi. Each one is surrounded by a fence. I think the hot wells were originally drilled for irrigation, but hot water came out. The sand dunes are further up the road, probably about where you put the campsite. I'll try to do a better job once I get used to working with features. In the meantime, Hot Well Dunes is on the map, now, and the paved road is shown.

I hadn't thought much about using the Satellite imagery to locate the roads. I might be able to clean up the southern end of Haekel Road a bit. I can, at least, connect Tanque Road to Haekel Road that way. It seems like I've noticed that some tracks I've driven don't show up too well, so I'm still a little bit uneasy about deleting things.

I downloaded topo maps dated 2011 from the USGS website, and I see that they have the same collection of roads that the TIGER import created--plus a couple more spellings of the word Haekel (Heckle and Hackel).

I'm going to take it easy, though. I find that working on OpenStreetMap is much more fun than anything else I'm supposed to be doing. So I'm going to try to just do a little bit, about once a week.

Thanks again, Russ. -Richard Hufford

New user from Safford, Arizona, USA almost 9 years ago

Thank you for your reply and for the link to Arizona Eastern's Wikipedia page. I was not aware that Arizona Eastern now owns the line from Lordsburg, NM to Clifton, AZ!
I like the disused=yes tag for the old railroad stations. I was concerned that someone might think they could catch a train from Pima or one of the other small towns. I had forgotten that trains are running from Globe to the casino, and actually I believe there was a special train one day from Safford to Pima.
Hopefully, the changes I make will improve the map.