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Posted by Richard Hufford on 31 July 2013 in English (English)

I noticed that Haekel Road was not documented on OpenStreetMap. It is a paved road that goes from U.S. 70, near San Jose, AZ, to San Simon. Some friends and I drove the road from U.S. 70 to a few miles South of Hot Well Dunes and I recorded the GPS. I have added the parts of the road that were missing and converted a number of roads marked "residential" to "track".
1. There are a number of little roads labeled "Hackle Road". I think these labels refer to Haekel Road and should all be deleted or changed. The highway sign on U.S. 70 says Haekel. I don't know what any signs in San Simon say. 2. I added Hot Well Dunes. This is a BLM recreational area with camping, a hot spring and ATV use. I hope I labeled this feature correctly. Currently there is a $3 per vehicle per day fee to visitors. 3. I need to check out the roads around Hot Well Dunes. Many of them should probably be removed. 4. I need to drive Tanque Road, which goes from U.S. Highway 191, near the Stockton Pass turnoff, to Tanque and then to Haekel Road.

I am combining mapping with Geocaching and exercising my dog, and I have a friend who just likes to explore. I'm not following any particular plan, but I'm sure that the changes I make are improvements to the map.

Location: Gripe, Graham County, Arizona, 85551, United States of America

Comment from russdeffner on 31 July 2013 at 14:46

Hello Richard,

Looks like you've found yourself mapping what we typically refer to as a 'TIGER Desert', see for more info. I would say you're most likely correct about the Haekel/Hackle name discrepancies (if you saw it on a sign, I'd go with that). And remember these roads originated from census workers and mapping obviously wasn't their focus (or forte). Little tracks are useful for emergency services (think firefighters trying to get way back somewhere) but if they no longer exist (or they're just so far off the truth) I'd say delete them - it's sometimes just easier to re-trace anyway.

As for the Hot Well Dunes, first there were two points both basically saying the same thing, but were not 'on top of' anything that looked like campsites. I looked around in the Bing imagery and found what looks to be camping (or at least picnic areas) - can you confirm there is one closer to Haekel Road and one further into the dunes? I used the existing POI's and expanded them to polygons around those two (hopefully) camping areas. Lastly I removed the leisure=hot_spring tag and created a new POI for what looked like the spring (is that it in the 'square' tree frame?).

Anyway, you're doing great improving the map, keep it up!


russdeffner on OSM

Comment from Richard Hufford on 4 August 2013 at 04:30

Russ, Thanks for looking over my work and helping me out. I'm not very familiar with Hot Well Dunes--I think I've been there twice in the 25 years I've lived in the area. When I took the GPS readings, we just drove a little way inside the place. I believe the area right by Haekel Road is designated on a sign as a "Wildlife Viewing Pond". The hot spring is two concrete pools about the size of a Jacuzzi. Each one is surrounded by a fence. I think the hot wells were originally drilled for irrigation, but hot water came out. The sand dunes are further up the road, probably about where you put the campsite. I'll try to do a better job once I get used to working with features. In the meantime, Hot Well Dunes is on the map, now, and the paved road is shown.

I hadn't thought much about using the Satellite imagery to locate the roads. I might be able to clean up the southern end of Haekel Road a bit. I can, at least, connect Tanque Road to Haekel Road that way. It seems like I've noticed that some tracks I've driven don't show up too well, so I'm still a little bit uneasy about deleting things.

I downloaded topo maps dated 2011 from the USGS website, and I see that they have the same collection of roads that the TIGER import created--plus a couple more spellings of the word Haekel (Heckle and Hackel).

I'm going to take it easy, though. I find that working on OpenStreetMap is much more fun than anything else I'm supposed to be doing. So I'm going to try to just do a little bit, about once a week.

Thanks again, Russ. -Richard Hufford

Comment from russdeffner on 5 August 2013 at 18:46

No problem Richard, always happy to help. I guess we'll have to call this 'good' for now. I looked again and can't determine from the imagery exactly where the actually springs are, but as you say 'it's on the map' and any improvement is just that.

Happy Mapping,


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