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# Use raster image in JOSM over 1 year ago

PicLayer could be very handy for out of copyright paper maps.

OSM doesn't have permission to use google maps / google aerial imagery to trace over, so please don't use it to upload to OSM's servers. For further info see

1000,000 points on the map. about 2 years ago

Well done :)

As a Melbournite myself, thanks for your contributions here, and worldwide. Keep up the good work :-D

Melbourne tram stop project 10 January 2016 update over 2 years ago

Keep up the good work :D

It is nice to see Melbourne's detail improve by leaps and bounds.

My mini-project has been adding house numbers around Melbourne, and adding street names throughout Sydney.

Thanks for the diary entry, I do read them all.


Using LPI information to add street names to Sydney NSW Australia over 2 years ago

Another handy tool for finding roads with no names is: orange = minor service roads with no name red = roads with no name It takes around 5 minutes to update, and just hit refresh in your web browser after uploading changes.

I've been busy adding missing road names around Campbelltown. The NSW LPI is now such a handy resource to use for all those "red" areas around Sydney :)

Mapping Agricultural areas almost 3 years ago

Nice work there Tuan :-) It makes the big open spaces look pretty, and conveys some useful information for travellers (ie, lots of fields, not a barren desert / swamp / etc).

I should resume more mapping soon, I've been lazy in the arm chair mapping / surveying department of late.

Cheers, Rhu

BBC Radio 4 doc "Mapping the Void" over 4 years ago

For those that missed:

Re-visiting OSM over 4 years ago

Awesome :)

Earlier this year I mapped out the Parker Hill campsite, I didn't get much of an opportunity to walk more than 100m of trails, but I did mark the location of 2 fluker posts in the area, eg

It's always great to hear (and see) gradual improvement for some good holiday locations in Victoria :D

Some more Android hackery for efficent mobile surveys almost 5 years ago

The Nokia n9 mobile phone also records the compass bearing for all photos it takes. But the GPS exif tags aren't accurate, unless of course you also record a gpx track on the phone as well - then sync up the photos with the gpx track by running (in Linux): exiftool -geotag *.gpx . JOSM supports the import of photos with exif gps and compass bearing tags :)

My mapping projects almost 5 years ago

Awesome Tuan :-)

I've been busy the last few months putting NMIT Preston on the map in Melbourne. - I still need to put in fire hydrants, foot paths, entrances, and anything else I can think of.

I'm free for the next few weeks, so I'll be going on an OSM random mapping rampage.

PS, to see firehydrants rendered on the map, visit


Using exif based geotag photos from phone to JOSM is not always reliable over 5 years ago

Oops, just getting used to Markdown, should've made that exiftool command be easily readable:-

$ exiftool -geotag *.gpx .
Using exif based geotag photos from phone to JOSM is not always reliable over 5 years ago

I've also experienced this myself with a Nokia N9 phone running Meego. I also take tracklogs (so I can make a gpx track) while taking photos.

The exif gps tags on the photos were innaccurate, and looked like the phone just chopped a few digits off the cooridates.

Anyway, I don't bother to use JOSM to fix this (though I do use JOSM to map). I just use exiftool (you can find this inside the package perl-image-exiftool in arch linux, similar name in debian / ubuntu).

If you put the gpx file in a directory that's full of your photos of the survey, just run: $ exiftool -geotag *.gpx . in the directory, and it'll automagically compare the time the photo was taken to the gpx track, and correlate the gpx track's coordinates into the photo's exif data.

exiftool will create _original backups of your photos, this behaviour can be easily changed by adding in a few more switches to exiftool if need be.

The great thing about what I've done above, is that it leaves other exif tags alone, so for example my Nokia N9 records the direction my phone was facing when the photo was taken. - Making it easy to work out which side of the path street furniture etc was when using JOSM.

My only worry with this method is if the phone's clock does not equal the GPS's clock. If they don't match, you'll have to add or subtract a time offset, which can be done with exiftool (or perhaps more easily with JOSM in this case).

Aside, an old samsung B2700 "dumb" phone I have has big issues with the exif created date tag during the months of October, November, and December. It seems if the month has 2 digits, the exif tag goes crazy. My solution was to write up a simple bash script with help from exiftool in linux that grabs the file creation date, and overwrites the exif creation date tag with that.

It'd be so much nicer if phones actually just saved all the significant digits of the GPS lock into the exif tag!

17 days almost 6 years ago

Oh, and don't forget the opening_hours tag.

There's a nice JOSM opening hours editor that can take most of the hard work out of it here:

I use it a lot to check if hardware / electronics stores are open on weekends / late nights :)

17 days almost 6 years ago

Wow that's some detailed mapping you've done there :)

Next time I'm in Canberra I'll know just where to go if I need a dentist (or seven)!

There's always plenty of additions that can be added to the map.

You could concentrate more around Woden Valley, such as:

Bus routes (they're relations, and show up red, eg )

More metadata for shops, such as phone numbers, websites, email address. - It'll eventually show up in here:

If you're really bored you can add firehydrants (I'm guilty of adding a few of these), house numbers, and better yet, post boxe[s|n].

Or, you can explore and enhance neighbouring suburbs. Though as it's rather cool in Melbourne (and by by extension Canberra) probably best to do some tracing from Bing somewhere.

Remember there's heaps of stuff you can tag, not just those that are in JOSM:

Happy mapping :D

Here we are over 6 years ago

Haven't been in Sydney for around a year, but if the additional line has finally been built on the MacArthur line (not sure if it's finished yet or not), then you could change the line from proposed to actually being there.

Also there was some construction going on @ Leumeah and MacArthur last year that could be updated (probably on the other stations along that line too).

If you're particularly bored you could investigate adding more tags / details to train stations, such as available facilities (public toilets, phone, disabled access, tactile pavements, waste baskets, etc)

I'd also appreciate if someone from Sydney who'd be up for mapping the Mount Annan Botanic Garden - as I didn't get around to doing it last year. That and it's now free to access.

Personally I'm also re-discovering OSM. Adding in seats in parks, emergency markers, and roads that other OSMers haven't found yet.

Send me a message if you like, I'm a little bored and may head up to Sydney in about a months time, and I'll need something to map while I'm up there too.

Werner trail over 7 years ago

Looks like someone uses a qwerty keyboard :P

.. almost 8 years ago

I had a laugh when you were saying that you were trying to map something you physically couldn't be using only a GPS (and perhaps a camera).
I had fun trying to work out where I should put a fountain in the middle of a small lake. Ended up using GPS with some way-points to figure it out.

Thanks for the story and keep up the good work :)

Project of the Week: Turn restrictions (my comment) almost 8 years ago

My technique is to drive around with a GPS and a digital camera (or just your phone if it geocodes photos automatically), then if you see a turn restriction sign, quickly take a photo of it.
Then when you're at home later you can load up the photos (and tracks) into JOSM where you can add the turn restrictions.

Named footpaths almost 8 years ago

I know for a fact that steps with a street name works.
There's one such place in the North Sydney area that I surveyed last year:

Dutton Park, Queensland almost 8 years ago

I've been (very slowly) tracing in houses and buildings around North Sydney.
After seeing your impressive effort up there, I'm wondering if I've been tagging house addresses correctly.
Or perhaps more specifically, what's the best way to tag?
Should I make a node in the middle of the property, in the middle of the building, or is it best to tag the building and not worry about placing a node over the building?.

The part of North Sydney I'm referring to:

test of osm splitter over torrent. please peer! about 8 years ago

Both torrents seem to be working fine, I've grabbed both the Albania and the Kosovo osm files successfully from the 2 torrents :)