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closed 1355241 Rexma423

This is where the Northeast Greenland National Park is. If anyone could import the area from a reliable source that would be nice.

about 3 years ago 30 days ago
closed 990254 saikabhi


There have been some changes to the Washington name as `name:en=Washington D.C.` and `name:tok=ma tomo Sisi` . Can someone local please verify the changes to the place node and make any changes if required?


about 4 years ago about 2 months ago
closed 1165643

Tongva Park meeting point

over 3 years ago 2 months ago
closed 1341479 Rexma423

Again another note asking if the names of trails are real, I mean Asian Girl, these names must not be real, please someone check.

about 3 years ago 3 months ago
closed 906998

waa ts

over 4 years ago 7 months ago
open 711523

Can someone please confirm/update the data here? It says this is Holloman Air Force Base. but doesn't look like it.

over 4 years ago 8 months ago
closed 1294329 freebeer

Another one for the Telenav team

over 3 years ago 11 months ago
closed 813221 Timothy Smith

I suspect some of the paths here are actually drains. From Bing/Mapbox they look the same. Someone needs to survey this

over 4 years ago 11 months ago
closed 423326


almost 6 years ago 11 months ago
closed 1271475


over 3 years ago 11 months ago

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