Mapping the New Genting Highlands

Posted by Reinhart Previano on 7 November 2018 in English (English)

Major Edits in Resorts World Genting, Malaysia

Today I am going to announce a large change to the OpenStreetMap database. What is it? The complete removal of the old Genting Highlands Theme Park assets.

If you are using Bing, MapBox, or DigitalGlobe (Premium) satellite imagery, you are still seeing the old face of Genting theme park.

Image 1

However, if you use the standard DigitalGlobe imagery, you will see that everything has changed since 2015, the last time I visited this place.

Image 2

I have to admit that adding and editing existing buildings and roads here are difficult. I ran into issues such as the traffic flow for vehicles exiting from the First World Hotel lobby. In making these changes, I relied on some sources:

  • “Genting Highlands June 2018 and September 2018 Progress Update” videos by SouthernCorridorMalaysia on YouTube
  • The indoor directory of Genting SkyAvenue, which can found from the official website here
  • The concept art of 20th Century Fox World Malaysia


Before the start of this project I compared the existing map of Genting Highlands on Google Maps and HERE WeGo.

Here are some notes after adding the changesets.

  • HERE WeGo is still showing the former First World underground links, which also proven the existence of underground tunnels connected to roads near to the Avenue of Stars.
  • These changesets are primarily based on DigitalGlobe Standard imagery, where Google Maps’ interpretation of Genting is based from. Hence, the new buildings (especially the SkyAvenue) might look similar to GMaps, even though they are directly traced against the imagery source.
  • The new First World Plaza exit routes have been changed. Now it follows the former Outdoor Theme Park road located at the lakeside as shown in an older satellite imagery (see comments), to the Arena of Stars underground tunnel shown in HERE.
  • There is a distortion in the satellite imagery around SkyCasino, which GMaps weren’t aware of and mapped the distorted building. The two YouTube videos, as well as the official SkyAvenue directory above prove the correct shape of the building.

What Has Changed in Genting?

Here are some highlights on major changes in Genting Highlands:

  1. Closure of the old Genting Outdoor Theme Park [1]
  2. Closure of the old First World Indoor Theme Park [2]
  3. Renovation of the old Theme Park Hotel, which later changed its name to “Hotel On The Park” then reverted to its former name [2]
  4. Construction and opening of Awana SkyCentral [2]
  5. Construction and opening of SkyAvenue [1]
  6. Construction and opening of Awana SkyWay, connecting Awana SkyCentral to SkyAvenue via Chin Swee Temple [2][3]
  7. Construction and opening of Grand Ion Delemen Hotel [2]
  8. Construction of the 20th Fox World Malaysia (Delayed) [1]
  9. Construction and opening of Skytropolis, the new First World Indoor Theme Park [3]

[1] Shown on changesets mentioned in this article [2] Already added/changed/deleted prior to this article [3] Might have some mapping issues and/or planned to be edited soon

What Has Been Changed in OpenStreetMap?

A lot: see

Added “Genting SkyAvenue” and “Genting SkyCasino”

Note: The prefix word “Genting” is not neccessary, while this could ease people for searching this new shopping mall in Genting.

Genting SkyAvenue, or simply “SkyAvenue”, is a new shopping mall located at part of the former Outdoor Theme Park area. This mall, stretching from the First World Plaza to the Avenue of Stars, hosted many tenants that were previously available at the First World Plaza (FWP). Most of the FWP areas, such as the “Genting Walk”, has been closed for the opening of the new “Skytropolis” theme park.

Removed two “lakes” in the former Outdoor Theme Park area.

Image 3, from Wikimedia Commons These “lakes” were built for water attractions on the theme park. Now they have been closed for the construction of the 20th Century Fox World Malaysia.

However, the Outdoor Theme Park roads that surrounds the larger lake has been added as the current exit path of First World Plaza (see comments)

Modified First World Hotel lobby exit paths

Initially, I thought that vehicles exiting from the First World Hotel are guided through the new tunnels at SkyAvenue to the gate where the First World Bus Terminal was built. After consulting with the SkyAvenue indoor directory, I agreed to modify the path to exit at the Arena of Stars.

There are future tenants opening at the Ground Level of SkyAvenue, which does not indicate any vehicle routes. However, the new elevated track is built near the former Bus Terminal, which directs the vehicles to the multi-storey parking area at SkyAvenue.

New Paths at 20th Century Fox World Malaysia

Here, I would also like to give a head start of the mapping progress of the future outdoor theme park.

At the first steps I added some paths that are most likely to be part of the main roads in this theme park, supported by the early concept images. I assigned these paths with highway:road before the theme park is finalized to the public.

At the end, here are a list of changesets for you to discover: #64266771, #64269329, #64269852, #64269863, #64270973, #64279712 and #64280005

Location: Genting Highlands, Pahang, 69000, Malaysia

Comment from lyx on 7 November 2018 at 20:47

Hi, this was probably quite some work, but unfortunately it needs to be removed again: Google Maps and Here are copyrighted and copying from their maps is strictly forbidden. Not removing the data would endanger the OSM project as a whole, because there could be very damaging legal proceedings. That is why one of the most important rules of OSM is “Do NOT copy from other maps”! Greetings, Wolfgang

Comment from Warin61 on 8 November 2018 at 01:54

Hi, Unfortunately agree with Wolfgang. Breaches copyright, so needs to be reverted.

After the reversion… delete the stuff that is no longer there .. probably tag the area as landuse=brownfield to signify removal.

Then look at adding the new stuff, using what is acceptable from a copyright perspective. It may take some time for that to become avalible on satellite imagery at OSM can use.

Comment from Reinhart Previano on 8 November 2018 at 03:53

I recently rechecked and modified the FWP exit paths, which might seem the most infringing one. Now, it is based on older satellite imagery.


The First World Plaza lobby is supposed to be a straight long corridor which sits along the rightmost tower (or simply the Tower 1). I decided to straighten this path along this tower then allow the path to bend at the end of the lobby.

The old Genting Outdoor Theme Park was built straight on ground level, while the future 20th Century Fox World is built on one or two levels above. I simply solved the path issue by aligning them based on the old Theme Park roads (the sides of the artificial lakes), to make the map more accurate.


Then, I discovered that a deleted underground path still exists from Arena of Stars / Resort Hotel to Genting International Convention Centre (Source). This path existed on OpenStreetMap then removed in #64266771. It is now re-added in a new changeset.

So here’s a final result from Changeset #64279712 and #64280005


Comment from Reinhart Previano on 8 November 2018 at 04:36

Here is another evidence that proves the current correct FWP exit path, based on two different satellite imageries. The differences of the satellite imagery sources (Bing then DigitalGlobe), at least, proved that the old exit from First World Plaza is removed for construction.



The problem with reversion is, the former version of the map data is too outdated. Genting’s SkyAvenue shopping mall has been opened about 2-3 years ago, yet I believe that the initial construction has been started about 5 years ago. I actually feel surprised with few changes to OpenStreetMap since then. The point of mentioning Google Maps and HERE WeGo here is, simply to compare on which maps has the most updated content, at least from the basic road and features, not for using them to trace new roads or buildings into OSM (through tools such as PicLayer JOSM plugin; while this changeset is actually made using iD).

Comment from Warin61 on 8 November 2018 at 05:52

Hi, You need to be more carefull with your statements, such as;

“I relied on some sources:

  • Multiple map sources: Google Maps HERE WeGo”

Possibly you compared some sources?

And then you used in OSM ?

Comment from Reinhart Previano on 8 November 2018 at 06:40

Hmm… I think I need to reword those. I initially compared against other maps only to see whether some features (such as tunnels) are exists. The rest of the mapping, which is tracing the start and end of the tunnel, is based on satellite imagery.

Comment from Adamant1 on 8 November 2018 at 16:00

“I recently rechecked and modified the FWP exit paths, which might seem the most infringing one”

There isn’t really a “most” or “least” when it comes to copyright infringement. Either something does or doesn’t infringe copyright. So, even if its something you might consider minor, it doesn’t mean a place like wont take the opportunity to send OSM a take down notice. Especially if you specifically mention them as a source. Even if you just mention them in passing as a something that looked for inspiration only. All the thing you mapped has to do is look exactly like or even close to what’s on their map for it to potentially cause an issue. Since there is really no way for you to prove otherwise that you didn’t directly copy them. I wouldn’t be paranoid about it or anything, but its still something you should always be conscious of.

Comment from Reinhart Previano on 1 January 2019 at 03:23

I recently added a hotfix to the FWP exit paths: they actually follow the way shown in the old change sets.

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