Part 2 of Adding Gate Numbers in klia2 (Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Terminal 2)

Posted by Reinhart Previano on 23 October 2018 in English (English)

Continuing from one of my previous post I have added more gates for Pier K/L and Pier Q.

After changeset After changeset

Before this changeset is submitted, the map of klia2 only has a full set of Pier P gate numbers (added by myself) and a lonely Gate Q10. I reused the old Q10 node in these changesets so there are fewer changes to the map database.

Additionally, as in Changeset 63791506, I decided to join the Airport Gate “nodes” to the entire klia2 building. This makes node placement easier as I am no longer need to estimate the equal distance between the airport’s edge to those nodes.

The Pier K/L is, perhaps, another unique feature of the klia2 Terminal. The official website from Malaysia Airports states that even though Pier K is intended for domestic flights and Pier I for international, they actually take place on the same pier area on different level heights. (Pier K gates are on Level 1A, while Pier L gates are on Level 2) Pier L has one additional gate, L22, which located very near to gates K20 and L20. To remove confusion I decided to re-join these numbers together in Changeset #63793136

After changeset After changeset

As you can see above those gate numbers actually refer to three aircraft parking spaces nearby, where L22 has the largest one (for long-haul international flights such as AirAsia X). However, by joining the gate numbers in one point, passengers can simply know the direction they need to go to the gate. In KLIA Terminal 1 gate numbers are applied to apron areas instead of terminal buildings, but it would be good to add nodes such as lifts for informing passengers for waiting room areas for those remote gates.

Pier J gate numbers are coming soon. Besides that, a skybridge above the aircraft taxiway is a great design.

Location: Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia

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