Behind The Changesets: From A Missing Rest Area in OpenStreetMap

Posted by Reinhart Previano on 22 October 2018 in English (English)

That's a lot of changesets! That’s a lot of changesets!

Back then, when my relatives come back from Bandung, Indonesia to Jakarta, I was told by them that they were in a rest area on the 97 kilometer mark of the Purbaleunyi toll road. I tried to search on OpenStreetMap and there were no results.

Apparently, that rest area were not added to OSM yet. So, I started to add that place on Changeset #61579993.

Oh, no! Satellite images show that there are roads and bridges nearby, yet there were no nearby roads listed to the OSM database. So, I added a few roads, in Changesets #61580342, #61761820, #61761878, and #61761940; then #62783689 and #62783948 (after adding some rivers).

Wait, did I say “a few”? Apparently long lines of unknown roads were added to the OSM database, and I have successfully connected them to existing roads. I changed the road type “Service Roads” to “Residential Roads” on some roads near to small houses of multiple villages. That makes places to feel more connected in OSM, and makes OSM editing to be more addictive.

Then, I added some rivers (and more roads) in Changesets #61762051, #61879226, #61879557, #63742480. Apparently this one is a tributary of the Citarum River (pardon the name of the last changeset which refers to “Ciliwung”), and it will be a long way to trace this to its origin, which I expect to be located on the mountain range nearby.

Latest changeset area and the nearby mountains Latest changeset area and the nearby mountains

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