As you might have noticed, OpenStreetMap offers the delivery= tags/keys to tag places and restaurants which offers food deliveries. But, have you ever wondered how to tag those who do not have their own delivery service, but they do accept orders from food-ordering and delivery apps?

I have seen this case multiple times on small restaurants in Indonesia which indirectly accepts delivery service from GoFood and GrabFood. Sure that there are other similar services available in the world including MelbSC (Australia), Deliveroo (multiple countries), Foodora/Foodpanda (multiple countries), UberEats (multiple countries), Just Eat (multiple countries), as well as Demae-can (Japan).

So, why not we tag these services into OpenStreetMap the same way as payment:*= tags?

The rules are simple. For every food delivery apps that one place accepts, tag delivery:<app or service name>=yes. For example, if one accepts both GoFood and GrabFood mentioned earlier, give both delivery:gofood=yes and delivery:grabfood=yes respectively. If the place does not have their own delivery service, as originally intended in the wiki, tag delivery=no.

Some users might want to quickly find the place in respective food delivery apps. To ease that workflow, I suggest to add a sub-subkey named delivery:<app or service name>:ref=, which stores the URL or URI of the food delivery website/app. Using URL/URIs for this will be much easier for mapping, rather than finding and obtaining respective “restaurant ID”s similar to wikidata= and wikipedia=.

Location: RW 02, Gambir, Central Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, 10110, Indonesia

Comment from roptat on 23 September 2019 at 13:51

It makes a lot of sense, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Could you add this to the discussion page at Or even create a formal proposition maybe? I think I’ll start using it in my local area :)

Comment from Reinhart Previano on 24 September 2019 at 09:49

Sure, I’ll mum commenting soon. I think I need to give clear examples of the delivery:<app or service name>:ref= tag.

One of the services mentioned above is a sponsor of OSM foundation.

Comment from Reinhart Previano on 30 September 2019 at 04:16

Here’s an example on how delivery:*:ref sub-subtag should be implemented. Nothing ranch here, just copy the URL provided by respecrive delivery services as values.

How this information is displayed on:

OpenStreetMap: OSM

GoFood (after clicking on the delivery:gofood:ref link)


GrabFood (after clicking on the delivery:grabfood:ref link)


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