Oh, Vienna.

Posted by Ravu al Hemio on 17 September 2013 in English (English)

You and your crazy addresses. Case in point: Siebenb├╝rgerstra├če 16-26 Stiege 68. Merge six house numbers together, then subdivide them into sixty-eight units.

talk-at says the Stiege is part of the address. I only found that post today, so I now went and fixed this on all of the Gemeindebauten I traced/surveyed recently. Kinda makes sense, since often more people will live at a single Stiege than in a detached house (which has a "full" house number all by itself), and the distance between two Stiegen can be hundreds of meters (a life-and-death matter if you're a firefighter or paramedic).

Fun fact: Some other cities, like Prague, opt to assign each entrance its own house number instead.

What never ceases to impress me is the stark architectural contrast between the centers of the later-incorporated Transdanubian villages (Kagran, Leopoldau, Hirschstetten) and the housing estates that are often a mere one block away.

Location: Neukagran, KG Stadlau, Donaustadt, Neukagran, Vienna, 1220, Austria

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