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Mapping in CWTS++

Posted by RaphReyes on 24 October 2018 in English (English)

So my time in CWTS++ is drawing to a close. By tomorrow Oct 25,2018 I will finish CWTS++. Although this is not the end of my mapping sessions, I plan to continue mapping so long as i have spare time. I have learned a lot during these few months. I found out I preferred ID Editor rather than JOSM, I learned shortcuts and different tricks to make mapping easier and more efficient. During the start of CWTS++ our group focused on mapping in the Mindanao region of the Philippines. This was the starting point of our mapping sessions. Through the months and certain events we focused on the HOT Tasking Manager to help emergency cases around the Philippines. Further down the timeline we learned about JOSM, its functions and mechanics to aid us in mapping. And now were reaching the end of our CWTS++ sessions. I’ve learned so much and hope that i contributed at least a little to the mapping community. Overall I value my decision on joining CWTS++, it gave the opportunity to help others and learn a lot in return. So for my CWTS++ class thank you for everything.

My Neighborhood

Posted by RaphReyes on 26 August 2018 in English (English)

I was given the task to map my neiborhood during our CWTS++ class. When I started taking note of the memorable landmarks near my home i noticed that most of the Point of Interest locations were already mapped(i.e. Bakeries, General Stores, Chapels) so I decided to walk a bit further from my street then i noticed a few missing buildings while I was walking. So that was my new objective fill the missing buildings in my field paper. So far I have only listed a few missing buildings, but I do plan on adding more and the house number of each gate if possible in the future.