How ABout Using OSM in Health Health Information System???? (RP_Nepal)

Posted by Rakeshpanthi on 23 December 2013 in English (English)

I am more than excited to write this diary in the wall of I am a public health activist aiming to build my career of interest in the field of health informatics and research. I am on my second day of 3 day Basic QGIS training where I learning much about OSM. The urge to use it in my professional field made me curious to explore the possibilities of OSM.

BIG QUESTION and SOLUTION bounced in my MIND ...It can be used as the most powerful tool in the field of health information and health care management system. I was also a trainee student of software development during my intermediate level 10 years ago, but still, and so I can conceptualize and map the connection of this two field. Specially for the least developed developing countries like NEPAL where we lack technical and economical efficiency, and with the presence of adverse geographical condition it is almost impossible for doing research and do evidence based intervention action, most especially in the sensitive issue like health. Cost of research and intervention will be too high to cover all the cost with annual budget of Nepal. Moreover it relies most upon donor agencies for developmental and humanitarian activities.

Our country suffers from illiteracy/economy/assess driven health problems like malnutrition, diarrhoea, obstetric deaths, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, disasters and many other. Noncommunicable disease is prevalent in at-least one member of every family. It is simply un-imaginary to explore the situation and perform informed response without free, realiable, easy,flexible, powerful platform provided by OSM and QGIS.

I am now fully determined to advance the possibilities and opportunities of OSM and open source data and information management system for strengthening health information management system in Nepal and contribute with concpets and skills to the global community. It will be a completely new approach in my country.

I am going to be the OSM promotion activist and a public health professional contributing my expertise. ARE You?

Thank you STEVE COAST AND ALL. Hats Off.

Location: 26,981, 85,913

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