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North Korea is strange almost 5 years ago

OOOps, I wrote in french, sorry. I would say :

This looks like an habits in Asia. In China, most dams have their name in big characters, about the same size than this text. I also seen big text on mountain about olympic sport, or a bouddhique verse in tibetan writting near Qinghai lac. Need to add some pictures about that on commons, geotags them, and add them on OSM, using the image tag.

North Korea is strange almost 5 years ago

Visiblement c'est une habitude de mettre des écritures géantes sur les flancs de montagnes. En Chine, sur quasiment tous les barrages, le nom du barrage est écrit en grand caractères. Dans certaines régions, j'ai vu des caractères parlant de jeux olympiques ou encore un verset bouddhique en tibétain près du lac Qinghai (je vais mettre tout ça sur wikipedia commons quand j'urais le temps et les lieraient avec les emplacement sur OSM je pense (merci le tag image).

OSM & FlighGear Flight Simulator almost 5 years ago

I'm not sure of what you speak about, didn't find your page ?

You can donwload for all main systems here, and on linux and *bsd, it's generally included in standard distribution packages:

OSM & X-Plane almost 5 years ago

Hi, flightgear flightsimulator, the open source and free software flight simulator is integrating slowly OSM data too, for now, integration is in test phase, but everything should be automated more or less soon. There are already custom scenary made by third party contributors that use OSM for whole country, like France by Patrouille de France, or big part of the Eastearn Europe here :