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OSM what is needed and what to do 4 months ago

the best way is the editors in the navigation apps like Organic Maps because they are easily accessible by everyone who already uses the app and the OSM data, I would also like to see an OSM layer that shows temporary events like Waze

A New Way to Use OSM 4 months ago

@kudlav Have you tried ? for me it is the best option even if you don’t have an app yet

UX/UI Concept: Your Business on the Map 4 months ago

First of all this project is just a concept.

Unfortunately I can’t answer everyone individually but I will try to address all the issues mentioned above. Notes are the only way a user has to report a map problem, I myself use it a lot to add POIs while I am on the street, OSM by default does not offer a way to review beginner users edits nor a way for lay users to report an error, in case it was to add directly to the map it would be good to add with a fixme=* tag to signal to other mappers to review.

I don’t even believe that this project would work because of the very structure that OSM submits to being only a data source for a base map, not offering basic things will keep us as a background service (obviously this is the wish of most in OSMF).

Obviously the project was thought in my reality and how it could be used in a campaign to encourage more companies to join OSM and that is why it follows with address labels and social networks standard in Brazil and although not mentioned obviously would be a WebApp.

2 years of OSM: What I have done at OpenStreetMap in the last year 6 months ago

Hi Qeef

Ah thanks!!! DAMN helped me a lot when I was starting up and I hope you are doing well!

I stopped using DAMN after its radical change in the client, I thought that the DAMN-client already had a great flow for the user, it was easy to understand, had a great visual feedback of how the project was going, you could see the map being completed, obviously not everything was perfect, I think one thing that could have been improved was the UI.

I understand that it is the philosophy of the project but it became too simple and complex to use, trying to emulate an interface using only text is not a good UX decision.

Of course I found ideas like the ID panel sensational, I would love to be able to test it in a setup with two monitors or an ultrawide one. of course this is my personal opinion, I understand that you may have a different point of view.

sorry for the delay in answering, I wanted to be clear with my answer…


2 anos de OSM: O que eu fiz no OpenStreetMap no ultimo ano 6 months ago

sorry, I did see your comment and I will answer soon, I post in two languages because not everyone in Brazil speaks English

Reimagining the OSM User Profile 7 months ago

@Pieter Vander Vennet It’s more of a wild idea, I have a few questions about mapcomplete, before I can get started:

  • What would be the main goal of MapComplete?

  • What do you expect from the future of MapComplete?

  • Do you have any design references?

  • Which would be the competitors? or that you are inspired by?

you can answer me through OSM anyway

Reimagining the OSM User Profile 7 months ago

@Pieter Vander Vennet I also believe that gamification can have its downsides, that’s why I didn’t cover it that much, but I think that if it was implemented it would have to have a good discussion in the community. About privacy the user could choose if his profile is public or not (only followers) and also approve who follows him. I think OpenStreetMap lacks a vision of UX to value its mappers and attract new mappers, of course Big G has more power to do this, but I think that as a decentralized community we could through events value our mappers.

Reimagining the OSM User Profile 7 months ago

@JannikK Me too

Reimagining the OSM User Profile 7 months ago

@MatthiasMatthias Thanks!

Reimagining the OSM User Profile 7 months ago

@Christian Lederman I think they could make bagdes available for those who participated in the challenges

Reimagining the OSM User Profile 7 months ago

thanks @jellythecube Yes it would help a lot in retention, few new users know Missing Maps, I think bringing it into the OSM profile would make it more accessible

Reimagining the OSM User Profile 7 months ago

thanks @Chistian Ledermann

Reimagining the OSM User Profile 7 months ago

Hi @philippec, these contributors can leave blank

Numeração na zona norte 7 months ago


Lançamento: [Idioma] Localização como facilitador de inclusão e de participação 7 months ago

Olá, um dos pontos que poderiam facilitar seria os Diários terem suporte para tradução automática dos navegadores web, isso é uma ferramenta de acessibilidade importante para todos que não falam ingles

Uma nova forma de usar o OSM 9 months ago

olá ldquod, Concordo, o OSM nunca quis ser o produto final sempre deixou para outros, o google maps está perdendo a qualidade dos dados a medida q tenta ser mais uma rede social, não tenho dados mas sempre encontro uma selfie nos reviews dos locais ou locais com a localização incorreta…

Why OpenStreetMap is not popular? 9 months ago

Thanks for the comment Aury88, I agree with you, I think it might be necessary to have a tiler server or a separate frontend for end users, about vandalism I think solutions like Facebook’s Daylight Map has done a great job in giving stability to the data but the lack of a unique identifier for POIs affects the data a lot plus it would be hard to build an evaluation system without it

Why OpenStreetMap is not popular? 9 months ago

Thanks for the comment DeBigC, If you can take a look at my old texts you will see that in the last year I have been trying to build a base with mapped buildings, in Brazil there are not many incentives for recruitment and considering the financial situation of much of the country we have even fewer people to collaborate voluntarily. What I advocate is that we find an effort in mapping along with palliative solutions by the Apps for OSM.

Why OpenStreetMap is not popular? 9 months ago

@SimonPoole, hi… What I say in the text is that the OpenAdresses data could be merged by the OSM app into a geocoder. About the comparison with Google I don’t think it is different, I think that for OSM to grow it has to be more than a back-end tool. If we want OSM to grow we will have to leave this passive position and start investing in the end user as well…

Why OpenStreetMap is not popular? 9 months ago

Hi Lyx, thanks for the comment,

Yes, I agree and have been making an effort to do so, always adding POIs and buildigns footprint, so that it can be added the addresses using street complete.

For clients, would it be so complicated to merge the data from OpenAdresses in their geo encoders … even if it is a stopgap measure I think it would impact a lot on the user experience, ultimately who knows even acquire this database with the government that is for sale.

I believe it would be a minimal investment for a client and can also bring great returns as the sale of geocoding services to third parties.