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Chapter 6 study conversation Miss change beats over 6 years ago


The good boundary highlighting of Google maps over 6 years ago

Wait for it and you’ll get the usual response that the OSM map is purely for demonstration and for checking what has been mapped. Except there does need to be a site to demonstrate what can be done with OSM, comparable to Google Maps, and it may as well be done on the main OSM site where everyone goes expecting just that.

Housenumbering... over 6 years ago

I’ve always thought that “associatedStreet” was a poor choice of relation type name, since the relation also represents the addresses associated with a street. Since there should also be parsing for type=street it seems better to use the shorter name with the associated smaller risk of spelling error.

"UAV could map archeological sites in a fraction of the time currently required" over 6 years ago

Presuming the cost is less than that of purchasing satellite imagery.

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Bonus points for Markov Chain phrase production.

First Edit! over 6 years ago

If the name is still visible on the building then keep the tag. Set disused=yes and change amenity=restaurant to disused:amenity=restaurant. See

Fan-fscking-tastic over 6 years ago

Was any consideration given to the reaction bot for retaining clean tags from agreeing users of ways deleted through loss of all nodes?

If so, a technique like the ITO OS OpenData Locator site could then be used to roughly show prior tags for rectangular areas for future road remapping. Though that does require two points based on the original node locations, which might not be possible given the re-licensing requirements. That could be averaged into a single point, though that might also be considered to be derivative.

Failing that, I just hope that some of the original notes were retained from the original survey to assist in rebuilding the map.

It Happened Again over 6 years ago

There are road sections like that in England, where the main road name is often used for the addresses of the buildings off the branches that are unsigned (or signed with house number ranges). For those I use highway=residential and use the same road name. It is ambiguous in the case you point out and it would have been better had he messaged you first to ask about the changes before reverting them. Has he seen this diary entry?

It Happened Again over 6 years ago

The OSM wiki does associate name with highway=service, but the discussion page hints at this being used only if the service road has been given an explicit name on the ground. For the majority of service lanes there is usually no name.

Royal Mail Pinpoint over 6 years ago

I was involved with one of those Freedom of Information Act requests and you’ll note that they didn’t provide the latitude/longitude of the postboxes, just rough locations based on streets/junctions. I have surveyed a city’s worth of postboxes since. Note, that the collection times are rather out of date now.

It would be considerably preferable for the source data provider to release the information directly and to maintain it. In the mean time the links you posted should help prompt others into action.

Royal Mail Pinpoint over 6 years ago

I suspect it’s to avoid the building from causing inaccuracy with the GPS position, and perhaps to avoid looking too suspicious if they are not delivering letters at the time.

I rather hope that they build a dataset of their postboxes and release that (and the collection times) to the public for free. That would actually benefit their business operations and be somewhat better than now where only the delivery personnel know the exactly locations.

Cleanmap: looks like Woden needs work over 6 years ago

Not a good time to be using OSM data for navigation it seems.

Science Humor in OSM over 6 years ago

The particular accelerator itself is fairly stationary of course, so surely the tag should be particle:maxspeed=1079252850?

hi-res imagery for Leyte and problems with OSM :( over 6 years ago

You could try sending a polite message to those other mappers pointing out why you think what they have done is not fully correct. That would be better than just adjusting tags, as otherwise they will continue in the same way.


Surprisingly this isn’t spam.

English-only diaries over 6 years ago

Except that has the downside of omitting posts by non-English users who wrote their post in English, e.g. Rolf Schinkel

First area mapping from survey almost 7 years ago

As an aside, OSM’s OS OpenData StreetView tiles are currently years out of date. They could be freely updated if someone has access and knows how to do so.

Miller's Automotive Speed And Marine Inc. about 7 years ago

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Design of tag transformer (unabbreviator) plugin for JOSM over 7 years ago

Chaos99: While it is fine to map what is shown as per the street sign, it is less useful for databases search engines to automatically expand/guess abbreviations to match search terms with a canonical form. It is better for the full form to be provided by the mapper somewhere. While the signs are sometimes abbreviated due to physical space limitations, the OSM database has no such issue. With full street name information, renderers can selectively abbreviate via an abbreviation lookup table where necessary.

Mind your language over 7 years ago

F*ck =