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Inactive users almost 7 years ago

I agree: remove users without edits from the list "Other nearby users".

Experience almost 7 years ago

In Sweden, permission is required for mapping, according to a law from 1993, see (discussion in Swedish). An OSM contributor asked the authority, and they confirmed that this regulation is still in force, and that it applies to OSM. (I have not applied, so technically I am violating the law; I am not a Swedish citizen, so maybe I could get in trouble for espionage when mapping cycle routes...)

Delays in OpenCycleMap updating almost 7 years ago

I see that Andy has been busy updating the lower zoom levels the last several days. Great! Levels 5 to 9 are now consistent with eachother. It seems that these contain OSM edits until the end of last week.

Delays in OpenCycleMap updating almost 7 years ago

That might be a good idea. By the way, the problem is not recent. It was the same thing last summer, see

Delays in OpenCycleMap updating almost 7 years ago

Maybe the server should be allowed to concentrate on updating the map now and then. Just switch off requests once a week for several hours. That would make it predictable when OSM edits appear on the map, and different zoom levels would be consistent. It would stimulate people to contribute to the growth of OpenCycleMap. And I will make a donation - it seems that more hardware is needed.