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Addresses in Oklahoma over 6 years ago

You say the license is compatible with OSM , which means … “open” and “free to redistribute”, How can they charge a dataset which is “free to redistribute” ? Only the first guy will pay for them and will be able to republish them for free ! Or not ?

Mapping areas that can be walked over, but aren't a path. (E.g. grass) over 6 years ago


Two mistakes in the previous answer :

highway=pedestrian always need an “area=yes” if it’s a polygon (closed way)

highway=pedestrian is not what I would recommend for a piece of grassland. Go to the wiki to see the highway=pedestrian definition.

Last but not least : currently there is no routing engine supporting free path search inside a polygon. You have to explicitely map all paths or wait until someone develops the software. Map your park as a park (See the wiki) and add “access=no” + “foot=yes” to all vehicles access excepted pedestrians.

Le samedi 14 février 2015, cartopartie sur le thème des charbonnières à Combas over 6 years ago

D’où l’expression “aller au charbon”

OS Street View Copyright Easter Egg over 6 years ago

Easter Egg and OpenData are not compatible.

It's not because you have accurate data that you have to upload all of them in OSM almost 7 years ago

If you don’t want to loose all your accurate surveyed points, they are still in version 1 of the way & nodes. Or another solution would be to upload your surveyed points as GPX files. These trace files are preserved in OSM and nobody will modify them.

Go home coastline data, you are drunk almost 7 years ago

What ! You have the power to remove waves from the coast !! You are stronger than Poseidon ^^

Infrastructure télécom almost 7 years ago

Une couche de quoi ? en rapport avec OSM ? avec la cartographie ? Tu devrais en dire plus et surtout, utiliser le forum ou la liste de diffusion pour augmenter les chances d’être lu et d’avoir plus de contacts

OrdnanceSurvey does like amateurs almost 7 years ago

It’s a matter of principle. They cannot say in one side that making their maps require professionals (and budget) and cannot be done for free and in the other side, ask for free pictures (because the prize is a joke compared to reproduction rights and amateurs are set at the same level as pros). They ask to photographers what they refuse for cartographers…

qu'en pensez vous ? almost 7 years ago

spam (already reported in wiki)


nothing to do with OSM -> spam

New Telenav Mapping Project: Dual Carriageways almost 7 years ago

When I see your profile’s image, mvexel’s, I’m interested to know if your are the son of Chuck Norris.This striking resemblance, it’s disturbing….

Voting is bullshit almost 7 years ago

We should not vote on new tagging schemes, we should support them - or not.

But this does not work as well. You create multiple and parallel solutions for the same problem, depending only on decision made by a few number of data consumers.

It’s true that proposals are often accepted with a low number of votes and where the result is still unsatisfactory. We can all dream about a dictator or great engineer taking perfect decisions making everyone happy but this only exists in books, not in real live.

About the low number of votes, it’s like in real democratic system. Only non-voters have to be blamed, not the one who expressed their opinion. But as I said several times in the past, the words “vote” and “approved” are incorrect. We should better say “opinion pole” and “best reply”.

Tools for helping community imports almost 7 years ago

Vous noterez la présence sur la photo d’un gâteau qui vole. Bravo au photographe.

Changement du nom de 8 communes almost 7 years ago

Je ne mettrais pas place=village pour Vermondans. Ca serait possible si l’ancien village était isolé mais comme il fait partie d’une seule agglomération au sein de Pont-de-Roide, il serait plus logique de mettre “place=quarter” (il faut être sûr de l’emplacement)

The diversity-talk list almost 7 years ago

I just discover this list. It’s even missing in the MailingList wiki page. I’m surprised by the answer of Alyssa here which tells me that we should never reply before taking time for a deep breath. Btw, who is the other moderator ? I also had a bad experience on the import list with a moderator that blocked me on the import list (if I remember correctly) several days for really nothing (or something that way maybe overinterpreted when you express yourself in a foreign language). I think we need a coach for our ML moderators or a moderator for moderators ;-)

How to improve OSM: kill the bureaucracy almost 7 years ago

As I said, it is to discuss about a proposal, not to store the proposal itself. It is not more and not less of what the wiki “Talk” page is doing. Excepted that you don’t have the learn the wiki syntax.

How to improve OSM: kill the bureaucracy almost 7 years ago

I went through the arguments of this wiki-better-than-email but none of them is valid in our context. Our tagging mailing list is not providing “material of any substance”. It’s just discussions around what will go into the wiki page exactly like we have in the wiki “Talk” pages. The “signal to noise”, “search” and “PD” are not relevant as well (use google tip “site:” if you like). Some people don’t like mailing list because they simply don’t have a correct email client supporting mailing lists.
They are counter arguments about the wiki. The main being that many people simply never used a wiki until they wanted to discuss about a tagging proposal. Don’t forget that our audience is not limited to nerds.
I agree on one point : the process to adopt a tag can be heavy and slow. But you can bypass this process and simply use your owns. By doing this, you also take the risk that your tag is undocumented or badly documented and then unproperly used or interpreted by others. You also have to understand that tags are not just a wiki and a k/v in a database. When you create a tag, you also want that this tag is used by others and not only for rendering. Once a tag is adopted by data consumers, it is very hard to modify them (although not impossible, I did this for the tag emergency=aed in the past.

Sentinel-2 satellites imagery can be used for OSM about 7 years ago

Launch is planned for april 2015 for the first satellite. About the attribution “contains Copernicus data (year of reception)”, perhaps a mention on the contributors specific attributions on the wiki would be enough.

Entered minor changes, JOSM appeared to hang about 7 years ago

The main OSM server(s) has been planned for maintenance and quick downtime the 26th. See the announcement here :

Your josm upload issue is probably related.

New MapRoulette challenge: TIGER Mismatched Ways about 7 years ago

One question from a non-US contributor: what is recommended if we find a TIGER imported road in OSM which seems to not exist at all on imagery like this one:

simply delete the way ? or change the tags to ‘disused:’ or ‘razed’ ?