Philipp Sªsse

Mapper since: September 22, 2008

I've been developing GPS-based data acquisition systems (hardware and software) for many years, so I know how useful OSM is (we had to pay nearly 1000 Euro for Navteq data for each town and each user, before I wrote an OSM data converter!). I already was about to start a free geodata pool, when I learned that OSM already existed. Thank you, good work!

Thanks to my old work, I can contribute: On one hand I have thousands of km of excellent tracks I can use freely, on the other hand I was able to modify our devices to produce tracks for OSM. Now I'm cycling around my home area in the black forest, adding villages and paths through the forest. Nice way to get to get to know better the beauty of the countryside. (-:

And I still dream of developing an online-navigation that uses information by other users, how fast you can really travel on this road right now (or same time/same weekday ...). Unfortunally work, wife and five children don't leave too much time for such a project ...