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October 09, 2021

He was born in Des Moines, an Iowa city.

When he went to school, he went to ISU and Drake University (undergrad and grad school, respectively). When he talks about Conan the Barbarian on The Appendix N Podcast, you can hear him talk about what he talks about. Peter was recently on EbizNews, where he talks about how to connect with clients in a variety of ways. When you start a business, it’s so important to build relationships with people, says Peter Foxhoven. “You need contacts with other professionals in every field, but the most important thing is to build strong relationships with your customers. This is what you need to do. When it comes to your customers, it doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in. You need to know what they want and be ready to meet their needs. a business owner or entrepreneur should interact with their customers in five ways: Make sure you know who you’re talking to before you start talking Foxhoven says that if you don’t know who you’re trying to help, you won’t be able to build a friendship. His advice is to not make assumptions about your audience by first learning about their real pain issues and motivators. Then, put your guesses about what will work for them to the test. Maintaining open lines of communication is important to providing a transparent and honest service. Foxhoven says that even if the news is bad, you should be honest about it. Customers will become more and more annoyed and lose faith in your brand if you don’t tell them what to do. Take a look at how your customers think about your job. To find out how people feel about you, you should check back in or fill out a survey. He tells people not to take anything to heart. But, when there’s room for growth, pay attention and make the changes that will help your business grow. Many businesses try to overpromise and then have a hard time meeting their promises. Instead, Foxhoven says not to promise anything you can’t deliver. He says, “Only promise what you are sure of.” Wow your customers by delivering faster, better or cheaper than you promised at the start. When you do more than you say you’ll do, everyone you work with or for will be happy with you.” Become an expert: Peter Foxhoven says that you must become an expert. Develop your knowledge and skills in your field until you are seen as an expert. Foxhoven says that being an expert is very important to gaining the trust of people who want to work with you. As you become more knowledgeable in your field, it can help you find a specialization that can help you reach the right people who will enjoy what you have to offer even more. Peter talks about a lot of exciting things, like how Conan the Barbarian fights evil wizards and looks for treasure in dark, deep dungeons. Peter likes to spend time with his wife and kids when he isn’t on his popular podcasts.