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Lara Croft Way in Derby (partially) opens - and OSM is the first map to show it!

Posted by Paul The Archivist on 11 May 2010 in English (English)

Today, part of the Derby (UK) inner ring road extension was partially opened, and is now mapped in OSM - making OSM the first map to show the road (as far as I'm aware). I imagine it will take some time before it appears on other maps - Google Maps for example doesn't show changes to some major roads in Derby which happened several months ago.

The road is named after a computer game character - Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series of games, which were developed in Derby. I don't know whether this is only road in Britain named after a computer game character, but it is certainly unusual and gets a mention on the BBC news website:

At the moment only the eastbound carriageway is open, so the westbound section is shown as under construction. In addition, the classification of the old route via Normanton Road and Leopold Street has now been downgraded, and Leopold Street is now closed to vehicles at the eastern end.

The surrounding area has also been greatly improved recently with the addition of buildings from OS StreetView, with surveying on the ground of some buildings to get details such as names of buildings, house numbers and points of interest.

Location: Castlefields, New Normanton, Derby, East Midlands, England, DE1 2PL, United Kingdom