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Place Names: Old and New about 3 years ago

Thanks so much! Very helpful.

About problems with [surface=unpaved; access=destination] roads over 3 years ago

Thanks for this work on unpaved roads (and the “Assumptions” section on the Highway wiki). My primary focus is in Rwanda where almost all roads (except the main trunk roads) are unpaved. It makes little sense to call an unpaved road ‘primary’ because the map rendering implies a very nice road between cities or towns – so the map does not adequately reflect the actual road conditions. Most mappers are using Tertiary or Unclassified for roadways (or residential in towns) since this provides a better impression of the actual road conditions. For African countries, the ‘surface’ attribute is more important for motorists than an arbitrary classification of importance (primary, secondary, etc). As a Westerner living in Africa, let me know if there is anything I can do to help with the development of road classifications. Thanks!