Footpaths not connected

Posted by Papa Fletch on 23 August 2013 in English (English)

The two footpaths I added are not quite correct yet. They don't seem to connect at both ends.

Comment from BCNorwich on 24 August 2013 at 06:45

Hi, I take it you refer to the elevated footpath her :- If so it is mapped correctly. Your edits can't be instantaneously added to the map, a lot of edits are re-rendered in OSM and appear within minutes. Others edits, ie coastlines sometimes take weeks. Then there is the question of what map you are referring to/looking at, some maps are re-rendered updated weekly, monthly, some not at all. Regards Bernard

Comment from Papa Fletch on 24 August 2013 at 21:44

Thanks Bernard It's the path I added through the car park at the other end that I reckon it's not connected. I'll have to have another go at it because I have a few more paths I want to map. So I need to figure this out. Papa Fletch

Comment from BCNorwich on 25 August 2013 at 06:33

Hi, I forgot to say welcome to OSM.

Ahh yes, There is a gap, two nodes not joined at north of your new path.

Can I respectfully point out a few things. I've looked at the area on the Bing image 2011. I would say the vehicular way through the parking area ought to be a service road, type either driveway or parking aisle. Where the way exits the car park it would become a footway rather than a path, as it looks to be constructed as a way for pedestrians. Same as the way going up the slope to the platform. You have mapped/uploaded some single untagged nodes, maybe inadvertently, these ones :- They need to be deleted.

JOSM is a about the best editor for OSM mapping but like all of the editors it takes quite a bit of getting used to. If I can help further, even deleting those rouge node please say.

Regards Bernard

Comment from Papa Fletch on 26 August 2013 at 12:33

All cleaned up I think Bernard. If you see anything I have left around let me know.

I did not fiddle with the car park in the end - I don't know who put that in. I did link up the foot path.

regards Papa Fletch

Comment from Papa Fletch on 26 August 2013 at 12:38

On another topic ... OsmAnd

I have just come back from China - and I marked several sites (temples and museums etc) with OsmAnd on my Android tablet. I loaded one of them up as a POI through the OsmAnd interface. It took me awhile to find it in the Openstreetmap because there was no type associated with it. I added that with Potlatch here.

I'll have to look more closely at the OsmAnd settings to see if I missed something in there - or is this a common trap for young (or old) players?

regards Pap Fletch

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