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Direct editable tags in osm almost 3 years ago

Very good idea! I hope it will be implemented.

? almost 3 years ago

Bienvenue! OSM est un excellent projet.

Un autre militaire.

Openstreetmap? More like Openwoodmap on low zoom levels about 3 years ago

I really like the fact that OSM shows the landuse.

Valorisation des horaires d’ouverture et d’happy hours sur #OpenBeerMap over 3 years ago

Merci pour cette super carte et application. Serait-il possible de voir également apparaître les restaurants qui ne font pas que bars?

Photon ... a new geocoder for OSM data over 4 years ago

I am very much impressed! This search engine is excellent.

Making OSM data mor compact almost 5 years ago

For landuses next to each other, we should use relations in my opinion.

A rainy (snowy) Easter weekend project about 5 years ago

Very good initiative! Relation support in Vespucci is an important feature. Thanks.

Progress in Bosnia and Herzegovina over 5 years ago

Congratulation for all this. I contributed a little bit during the summer 2012 and used the BiH OSM map to travel with OSMAND. It was very helpful.

Découverte d'OpenStreetMap almost 6 years ago

Bienvenue à bords! C'est vraiment un très bon projet. Assez addictif aussi. Contributeur régulier depuis plusieurs années, je viens d'utiliser OSM pour l'aider à naviguer à travers la Bosnie, le Monténégro et le nord de l'Albanie : c'était juste parfait.

Bienvenue encore!

How to deal with dirt roads? over 6 years ago

Here in DRC, even most of the primary roads are dirt tracks. it is difficult to know how to tag them.

Swimming pools over 6 years ago

I am very much in favor of amenity=winery.

Davos and surroundings over 6 years ago

Thank you very much. Do you have any idea when they will update this part of western Europe with the new Bing global ortho tiles?

Davos and surroundings over 6 years ago

It won't be necessary. Make search for "bing global ortho project". It is only a matter of time before the entire western Europe gets this excellent resolution. Thanks for your answer.

Davos and surroundings over 6 years ago

When where the Bing image update in Davis area? I am from Wallis and would be very happy with precise images.

mapping house numbers over 7 years ago

Yes. I think it is very important to add the house numbers. Otherwise OSM will never be able to compete with the commercial maps for those looking for a precise building.

I added most of the house numbers of my village to OSM. Have a look here :

We should all try to upload the housenumbers whenever possible.

First entry over 7 years ago

Welcome and happy mapping!

Rencontre CartoGrapheAmateur... over 7 years ago

J'y serai! On va les combler petit à petit, ces "grands vides".

Mon premier étonnement over 7 years ago

Bonjour. J'habite aussi dans le coin (Bex). Il y a encore beaucoup de travail à faire à Monthey et dans les environs.

First balloon aerial photography attempt almost 8 years ago

Very interresting. I will attempt to do the same in september.

last POTW - icon competiton - summary almost 8 years ago

Thank you very much for this project. It was a great idea!