Entebbe - Jinja

Posted by PZastoupil on 15 January 2010 in English (English)

I went to a conference over in Jinja and spent a few days working in Entebbe. I took my GPS with me where ever I went. Some people probably thought I was a bit crazy.

One the way out to Jinja I tried to map every fuel station on the road. I think I got at least 90% of them. On the way back I was able to convince my ride, along with his family, to take another road back. Knowing it was dirt most of the way, I thought it might cost us some time, but it was probably less than 5 minutes slower since it was shorter.

Entebbe still needs a lot of work. I wish I had more time there and my bike (which is here in Nairobi).

Location: Buikwe, Central Region, Uganda

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