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Share with Twitter / Facebook about 2 years ago

Thanks Richard!

Candidacy for OpenStreetMap US Board about 2 years ago


“Share my Location” - already has a “share” feature. See the button on the right side of the map. However it’s not share my location on Twitter/Facebook. I want OSM mappers to say, “Hey I’m Here” and share that AND at the same time promote OpenStreetMap.

“Single Sing On” - I’m already using the Oauth provider by OpenStreetMap for my MappingDC Blog . Trac is next . So why doesn’t the wiki also use it? Does Help use it? It’s doable. I’m sure there are technical reasons. As a team we can work together to resolve this issue.

“WeeklyOSM.US” This idea comes from my fellow mapper friend Brandon Knight who runs a “newspaper” that automatically aggregates news articles and tweets about geospatial technology and human health issues. ( Though it’s not active now, the idea remains that bots could aggregate data. Some of us write diaries, many of us write blogs. Let’s set up a planet aggregator for US based articles.

“Mapping Mayor” - I don’t know if would encourage bad behavior, and by that I assume you mean poor mapping. Maybe we only open the came to those with over 500 edits. Maybe we count the number of tags edited instead of the number of nodes. Do you have more information about the failure? Was it on a mailing list.

In fact this failure is great news. Because it tells us what when wrong and points us in a direction on how to make it better.

JOSM tip for squaring buildings almost 5 years ago

I should mention my use case is turning 1 building into n stores.

Extrude doesn’t build a second store. It will just move an edge. Though shift+extrude will leave nodes in place.

The building tool drops extra nodes, i.e. it doesn’t join them on adjacent areas.

The terracing plugin works very well. The problem with the terracing plugin is it assumes all “stores” in a building are the same width and it’s hard to adjust that.

I also like the “Split Object” function which belongs to utilsplugins2, iirc.

Days like today... almost 5 years ago

Hey Did I ever mention the time I hosted a mappy hour and I was the only person that showed up? At least I had a good beer.

What kind of user/challenge stats do MapRoulette users want? almost 5 years ago

Find out what referred them to MapRoulette.

DC Street Names almost 5 years ago

David, Let me know how i can help. Brian

Falls Church to Arlington, VA, along Lee Highway almost 6 years ago

That’s the idea. I find that so much time is wasted at mapping parties dealing with geometry. And that’s a steep learning curve for newcomers. The fun part of mapping is capturing names, numbers, and types of buildings. Also point features like statues are easy to capture.

I formed this opinion after trying to split one building in Hyattsville into n stores. It’s hard to do that an preserve the geometry. It’s hard!

Also I feel users are more invited to update a map of unidentified areas than an empty map of roads.