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Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park - Mapping Party? over 9 years ago

Hi mcld - great, and thanks for letting me know about the comments being off - that was a mistake and I don’t know why they were! Comments on now. More importantly the wiki page is here - - please sign up if you have an OSM wiki account. See you Wednesday!

Plenty more detail to be added to the North part of the park, by the way! Trees, sculptures, woodland, informal paths.

Ordnance Survey OpenData over 13 years ago

My thinking is....

VectorMap District will be the best thing to trace from - although we haven't seen it yet so we don't know! VectorMap Local is even better but is not part of OS OpenData so we can't use that. VectorMap District might just be a generalised version of VectorMap Local - we shall see.

In the meantime, StreetView will be the next best option to trace from, but requires some heavy duty raster manipulation to produce a set of tiles we can start to trace from.

Meridian2 is probably the worst of the four - it is really angular and has a slightly bizarre tendency to collapse city squares to a point: - however it may still be of some use for tracing, e.g. for woodland cover and filling in street names (it does seem to be a few years out of date in places though. E.g. the A-road through the Olympic Park is not in it, but the housing estate nearby that got bulldozed at the same time is still on it.

New map-creation functionality in OpenOrienteeringMap over 13 years ago

acrosscanadatrails - I'm planning on blogging the technical stuff - particularly how I set up the python/cairo rendering. drlizau - this is a built-in control to OpenLayers - simply add OpenLayers.Control.MousePosition() in your array of controls, when setting up an OpenLayers map, and it appears.

Tiles, FCGI ...and pies over 13 years ago

Looking forward to it. (The pub & the summer!)

Winter pub meet-up in Oxford Circus over 13 years ago

Montenegro, Monaco, San Marino, Burkina Faso, R. Congo, D.R. Congo, Morocco...

OpenOrienteeringMap now for the whole world over 13 years ago

That's correct - the problem is the seas and oceans. Originally I was using a special shapefile for these, which had the seas around the UK filled in and "holes" for the land. Then I could set the map background to be transparent, and the sea area covered by the special shapefile to be blue.

However, I'm now using the standard processed_p shapefile for the world, where the land is filled in - so I set the background to be blue. However, to stop the land being blue as well, the processed_p layer content is set to white.

If anyone knows how to invert a polygon shapefile then the transparent tiles will be back!
For now, you can show the layer with 50% opacity, that should work quite well.

OpenOrienteeringMap almost 14 years ago

Thanks all.

Wilpin - "runnable" forest is shown as plain white on orienteering maps, as this is considered by the sport to be the default terrain for orienteering in. I've used the "light yellow" colour as my base colour for the map, so the white is being rendered on top of it. Thicker forests are shown in progressively darker shades of green, however we don't (yet!) record tree density in forests on OSM.

London Pub Meet-up Oxford St. almost 14 years ago

Special request for the next pub meet - pub quiz!

Camberwell Mapping Party about 14 years ago

Nice. Not a bad prize at all. See, I knew we'd make money from these maps somehow, eventually!

Peckham Mapping Party over 14 years ago

I know Scott - I was at uni with him last year and we did a mini-mapping party in Caterham. Small world...