OpenOrienteeringMap now for the whole world

Posted by Ollie on 12 January 2010 in English (English)

OpenOrienteeringMap now covers the whole world rather than just Great Britain.

e.g. The Forbidden City:

Comment from Candid Dauth on 13 January 2010 at 05:33

Am I seeing this right that the new Street-O tiles don’t have a transparent background anymore? That would be a pity, the old tiles made it possible to display a real Google-Hybrid lookalike with OpenStreetMap data.
Nevertheless, great work!

Comment from Ollie on 13 January 2010 at 09:24

That's correct - the problem is the seas and oceans. Originally I was using a special shapefile for these, which had the seas around the UK filled in and "holes" for the land. Then I could set the map background to be transparent, and the sea area covered by the special shapefile to be blue.

However, I'm now using the standard processed_p shapefile for the world, where the land is filled in - so I set the background to be blue. However, to stop the land being blue as well, the processed_p layer content is set to white.

If anyone knows how to invert a polygon shapefile then the transparent tiles will be back!
For now, you can show the layer with 50% opacity, that should work quite well.

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