Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park - Mapping Party?

Posted by Ollie on 29 March 2014 in English (English)

I’m contemplating organising a mapping party on the evening of Wednesday 9 April, to map the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which opens finally in post-Olympic mode, the weekend before.

My musings are here:

Wiki page for the mapping party here:

Lanyrd here:

Location: St. James's, Mayfair, Westminster, London, Greater London, England, SW1Y 4LB, United Kingdom

Comment from mcld on 29 March 2014 at 20:29

Hi Ollie - great idea - let’s do this! I live in East London so this works for me.

Coincidentally, I was doing some mapping as I went walking today (lovely weather), and I even tagged some things in (North) Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. (Slices 8 & 10 on your map.) The North part is pretty well-mapped already of course. I’d suggest that we concentrate more on the southern slices, and especially making sure that we check the access tags because there are a lot of access=private tags which might be out-of-date soon.

I did walk past Crate too and it looks like a good HQ, a bit self-consciously hip but hey.

Your blog doesn’t take comments, so I’d suggest you add a link back to this page in case there’s discussion…? Or just to a wiki page about the event I guess.

Comment from Ollie on 5 April 2014 at 21:54

Hi mcld - great, and thanks for letting me know about the comments being off - that was a mistake and I don’t know why they were! Comments on now. More importantly the wiki page is here - - please sign up if you have an OSM wiki account. See you Wednesday!

Plenty more detail to be added to the North part of the park, by the way! Trees, sculptures, woodland, informal paths.

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