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Getting started... about 5 years ago

My neighborhood is quite well mapped and most of the data is good and valid, currently I'm just going over each street and checking the house numbers, adding postal codes and street names to buildings, I've found a few errors in the data, missing numbers and even at one point the street name was incorrect.

To be honest I don't even know what good that extra detail does in the dataset but its one way for me to get to know the interface and since I've been living around here for a long time this is an area I know well.

Regarding JOSM I downloaded it and it just rejects every selection I make to download data and I've not looked at it in any more detail yet, Potlach works for now except for a minor glitch earlier tonight where it was missing some data from the area I was editing which led to me adding redundant data which I then had to revert.