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SOTM2013 group photo counts 214 people over 4 years ago

@LivingWithDragons or 81% of the people who agreed to be in the published list of people registered for the conference.

Inadvertant translation? about 8 years ago

TomH: that would also explain why the languages kept changing for the same diary entry!

Housemapping is a madness almost 9 years ago

do houses there also have names? like

Blank cheque almost 9 years ago

pretty sure it's not standard text - even the worst consumer EULAs don't have blank-cheque clauses (I know - I keep copies of every one I agree to at work)

Ferry line in the mountains? almost 9 years ago

a story everyone should read before they're tempted to correct 'obviously wrong' features without visiting!

80n had one where a roundabout was missing just one segment. he went there and found that it was indeed a roundabout that was missing one segment!

Lamp posts (tagging question) almost 9 years ago

great idea - I know several homes where the "best" description of how to get there is "N'th lamppost on the (left|right)" - saves someone having to count house numbers as they're driving down a long road looking for your house.

Lamp posts (tagging question) almost 9 years ago

Surely lit applies to the thing being illuminated (the road) rather than to the light-source? I seem to remember this discussion coming up on the lighthouse page (does lit=yes mean the lighthouse is illuminated with floodlights, or that it is illuminating the distant horizon)

expressive changesets almost 9 years ago

write a story, one word at a time, in your changeset history ;)

Crop circles near Errol, Perthshire almost 9 years ago

they are sometimes used as navigation features by pilots (since they're unique, and clearly visible from the air)

tourism=attraction? ;)

OSM features almost 9 years ago

OpenStreetMap at the 2009 Wikimedia developer meet-up about 9 years ago

The version which supports lots of different map layers is at:

minor changes would be needed to have lat/lon/zoom as a parameter instead of slippy-map URL

New houses almost 10 years ago

Well... apparently the commercial satnav devices don't include this estate yet, and people who live there are already having problems describing their location

OSM application for the open-source OpenMoko cellphone almost 10 years ago

There is also Pyroute being developed for use on Freerunner:

Bletchley to Bedford, national cycle route about 10 years ago

Part of the route though Milton Keynes appears to be unavailable (no signs, and marked as grey on sustrans' map), so there will still be more for someone to map when they finish building it.

Questions: bulk uploading of lighthouses / maritime navigation about 10 years ago

Hi. Have you uploaded this file yet?

Wind turbines about 10 years ago

potlatch? I meant mapnik of course. zoom in one level to see them.

Californian ditches about 10 years ago

Looks like I'll subscribe to talk-us list then. Is there a sample OSM file for NHD of California? that would be good to compare with the manual tracing...

The beginning about 10 years ago

I started something similar (as python program)

it can only handle small areas, but it will guide you down cycle routes and quiet roads, and not try to use large roads or motorways

This shows a sample route, which is very similar to the route I'd have chosen myself:

(only difference being, it doesn't know that crossing an A-road is difficult...)

Questions: bulk uploading of lighthouses / maritime navigation about 10 years ago

Regarding that list of icelandic lights, I did an OSM file of the lat/long extracted from the PDF:

I'll need some more help from a translator to actually use that file for real though.

Any chance someone could find out about licensing for it?

Questions: bulk uploading of lighthouses / maritime navigation about 10 years ago

I think Dolphin means that Alex Trabas's data is missing lat/long, not the OSM file we're importing at the moment..