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Recent diary entries

I first heard about the OMGuru Fellowship in November 2023 at the FOSS4G conference in Bangkok. Intrigued by the opportunity, I applied and was thrilled to be selected for the mapping fellowship. What followed was an incredible journey of learning, growth, and impactful experiences.

During the fellowship, I was introduced to various powerful tools such as JOSM, RapID, Mapillary, and the EverDoor app. Each of these tools enhanced my mapping skills and broadened my understanding of the technological landscape in the field of geographic information systems.

A significant highlight of the fellowship was participating in a climate change competition. This ongoing challenge provided me with hands-on experience using MapSwipe and MapRoulette and allowed me to lead a team, further honing my leadership and collaborative skills.

Over the past five months, the fellowship has not been without its challenges. Natural disasters such as an earthquake in Papua New Guinea and floods in Afghanistan required urgent mapping efforts for response activities. The OMGuru Fellowship equipped me with the tools and knowledge to contribute meaningfully to these efforts, opening doors to real-world applications of my mapping skills in crises.

The OMGuru Fellowship has been a transformative experience, providing me with invaluable skills and the opportunity to make a tangible impact. I am grateful for the support and guidance from OpenStreetMap and APHub, and I look forward to continuing my journey in the world of open-source mapping.