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Deriviste, an experimental big-screen street-level editor 3 months ago

Great suggestions LivingWithDragons. Richard this idea to mention the source and survey date is already being done on Pic4review. I'm sure it can be cloned and adapted to your amazing editor. Keep up the good work

Deriviste, an experimental big-screen street-level editor 3 months ago

great work! few suggestions: add more layers (having Public Transport helps if you are mapping bus stops); in areas with a lot of imagery, its almost impossible to see the map (yes i know we can turn off the mapillary layer), but maybe decreasing the size of photo location on the map would help; mention that you should zoom in if you want to map, lets say a waste basket, so that the georreference will be improved instead of having the photo as taken and having less accuracy.

Awesome tool that can help improve armchair mapping a lot. Keep up the great job

Cámara de acción para usar con Mapillary 9 months ago

you can use GeoSetter to add geotag to your photos with a gpx file (you can record on OSMTracker on your smartphone). make sure to sync the time on your camera to your phone.

Edição nº 2000: Brasil, Largo São João em Laranjal Paulista refeito 10 months ago

Belo trabalho Igor. se quiser aprimorar ainda mais, recomendo que instale o Mapillary no seu celular e adicione ainda mais detalhes no mapa.

Using OSM in Mobile about 1 year ago

@kartik It is available in both a free and paid version, the latter unlocks the download limit for offline maps, and provides access to Wikipedia POIs and their description from within the app.

theres nice plugins like mapillary and others like hillshade, countours and so on.

Using OSM in Mobile about 1 year ago

OSMand+ is perfect with a lot of advance features.

Gravar tracks / trilhas usando gps automotivos over 1 year ago

Bom. Se tiver possibilidade de utilizar o seu celular para tirar fotografias, utilize o Mapillary para capturar fotografias. É também muito útil para adicionar nova informação que não estão presentes nas fotografias de satélite.

Madeira over 1 year ago

glad you enjoyed Madeira. Hope my contributions were useful on your stay (been doing a lot of photomapping lately on Mapillary over here). We still have to improve bus routes, but im more interested in adding hiking routes, like the ones you saw on waymarket trails.

Sorting route relations over 1 year ago

One thing I wished that would be fixed on that website is profile elevation when there's tunnel (first node of tunnel elevation - last node of tunnel). Simple task to properly display the elevation of routes that have tunnels. Currently it doesn't display elevation profile if a tunnel is part of the relation.

Public Transport Mapping, why do we add the stop details several times over? over 1 year ago

PTv2 is the current schema. Some users are still using the old method as its easier to add stuff and you don't have to be an "advanced" editor to edit relations and all that. Further info at

My point of view, it's better to have bus stops in the old schema than not having the bus stops at all. Clearly the PTv2 is better, but is more time consuming to edit. Therefore advanced users should fix bus stops into PTv2 standards, simply because some users don't know/care about relations or have time to edit in that schema.

Mapping the area of Le Thillot, Saint-Maurice-sur-Moselle and Bussang over 1 year ago

France is 99% on openaddress might help you on the address issue.

keep up the good work

Ruins of another sawmill over 1 year ago

Looks good. Next time Mapillary it so we can do a virtual tour. Place looks great

San Juan City Mapa-thon for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resiliency Programs over 1 year ago

great example. keep up the great work

GSoC Diary: Start of Community Bonding over 1 year ago

boa iniciativa Pedro. Aguardamos pelos resultados. Continua com o bom trabalho

How would you map this? over 1 year ago

@Paul Johnson

How would you map this? over 1 year ago

@escada no worries, I'm also european. I never mapped something similar, from my perspective that way should be left without lanes (since there's a multiple options and it would cause confusion.

Either this way or just remove that way making it a "traditional" intersection where Lane restrictions would be easy to be applied.

How would you map this? over 1 year ago

@escada. You are correct, my mistake on the turn restrictions while coming from N road to W (lanes tells only straight and left and right the turn restrictions was wrongly applied as only straight and right instead of straight left).

I didn't understood what you meant regarding the way "between N and S". Did you mean E-W?

How would you map this? over 1 year ago

nice challenge. i would use turn lane editor for the turn lanes in conjunction with turn restrictions to avoid bad routing. both in JOSM.

heres my suggestion. i wouldn't use that common centre road with any turn restrictions, best solution would be to do a common vertice, theres no point of having it this way.

check my diary entry about how to use Mapillary, theres a few examples of how to use these JOSM plugins.

How to improve OSM road data with Mapillary over 1 year ago

@majkaz can you pinpoint me a area where "the road sign detection is mostly wrong"? I would say its accurate 8 out of 10.

As far as im aware the traffic sign correctly will be available soon.

You can "enable" and "disable" the traffic sign overlay in photo by:

1 - go to WINDOWS and pick IMAGE INFO

2 - The image info will be displayed on the right

3 - disable the traffic signs overlay in photo unchecking "SHOW DETECTIONS ON TOP OF IMAGE"

You can also apply filters by enabling the windows as in step 1 and then applying the select dates you wish or not older than one year.

hope it helps.

DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery Launch for OpenStreetMap over 1 year ago

great. looking forward! keep up the good job