Validating Parks from Pokemon Go users (well mostly...)

Posted by NunoCaldeira on 27 October 2019 in English (English).

Recently at the Portuguese OpenStreetMap Telegram group we have been discussing the issue of the Pokémon Go! Players that become OSM contributors with bad intentions, by adding fake parks or wrongly to their ingame interest.

We decided to check how many parks existed in Portugal by using overpass turbo back in August (kudos to Luis Forte for the help). To our surprise there was over 7000 parks. We decided to create a map roulette mission to validate the parks. Some are indeed hard to validate by arm chair mapping, some are not. Up til now we have validated 20% of the parks on OSM and acknowledged that more than 12 percent were indeed badly tagged and only 7% were correctly tagged.

As example,gardens of private property or grass in roundabouts.

During this we acknowledge that some of these tags were added long before Pokémon Go existed,which left us intrigued. We investigated that most of the users were using id editor and realized that the translation on Transifex to Portuguese was mixing synonymous of gardens, grass and some of those were done by Brazilians (for those that are not familiar, Portuguese from Portugal and Brazilian Portuguese have even harder differences than English from UK or English from USA). We decided that the translation needed to be fixed, António Madeira and myself started to translate what’s not translated and validating what already was. This should be an example to none English communities as having translators that have a high knowledge of OSM tags, discussing the best words to be added to synonymous of tags is crucial to have a consistent translation to id, which is the most used editor on OSM world. This is an important step to avoid misleading tags to newcomers,but obviously won’t fix everything as some will add the park tag for their own Pokemon Go activity.

Therefore we decided until the map roulette mission is going and probably afterwards, we have a OSMCHA filter to flag the new parks being added with Reasons for Flagging “Park added by new user”. Everyday or two days we check and enquiry the contributor about the park that they recently added, the concept of what a park is does not meet our OSM tag. As common examples we have contributors using park for gardens or for picnic sites. City halls usually refers to parks, gardens or picnic sites in Portugal as “Parque” which misleads contributors that are not informed of the OSM park tag. If the contributors does not reply, continues to edit and we do an internet search and can’t find any reference to the park in question,the tag is changed to garden. Red flags are parks that either have the word garden (Jardim in Portuguese) or that have been added without name. Common sense is an important key on this, don’t be a dictator and explain to the contributor what a park is in OSM.

The map roulette mission is still available, feel free to contribute as mentioned some don’t require knowledge about the area in question are can easily be fixed remotly. Tip: activate the nearby feature on map roulette, usually a contributor that added parks wrongly added multiple wrong tags in the same are, which you can edit as a batch quickly to avoid going back and forth between Map Roullete and the editor of your choice. In case of doubt, skip, we will deal with the ambiguous ones later when the mission is completed

Map Roullete mission link

Thanks to those that already helped validating 20% of the parks in Portugal.

Location: Fajã Escura, Nuns Valley, Câmara de Lobos, Madeira, 9030-319, Portugal

Comment from Oponka on 30 October 2019 at 15:57

What people maliciously invent..

Comment from NunoCaldeira on 30 October 2019 at 16:06

@Oponka thanks for the compliment about being malicious. so you registered on OSM just to comment on this diary?

Comment from mbethke on 4 November 2019 at 20:36

We have a similar problem in Sri Lanka: in Sri Lankan English, a field for cricket or similar sports is called a “playground”. Guess what I’ve been retagging all the time over the last half year …

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