Woolaston to Bream

Posted by NorthIsland on 11 April 2018 in English (English)

I started a few weeks ago by recording my walk around Woolaston, near Lydney, by path records and adding landuse and hedges from aerial photography. Things got a bit larger scale and I found myself, after a rainy week, 'approaching' Bream. I was surprised how little had been added to this area in the last two years - it's not just the forest that is the attraction of this rural locality, and it deserves more. I found that Bream and adjacent areas still had fixmes apologising for the crudeness of the original area mapping. The Forest of Dean has urban areas, but also extensive semi-rural areas with scattered housing with large gardens. So it is all 'residential' or many 'residential=cottage' areas with grass lands between? When deciding what to map, I like to think "who are the map users?". Of course, it's a database, but I do like to think that a glance at a rendered map would give a prospective visitor a 'first impression' of the landscape. A few comments:-- (1) Rights of Way: Short of visiting every footpath, I would welcome anyone else's sources of useable Rights of Way data (I looked at Strava but a lot of walking routes went across private land!); (2) One slight drawback I have noticed is that 'Meadows' render on the Cycle Map, but not 'Farmland' - possibly something needs to be resolved here... As usual, please add any appropriate additions/amendments that might arise... This was just my contribution.

Location: West Dean, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, South West England, England, United Kingdom

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