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March 09, 2022

As long as they are done right, value-add real estate strategies can benefit everyone. Nick Debeyiotis says this. People who rent from Nick’s company get a better-looking place, with new appliances and a better-looking community space that has been made better by renovations. This makes each home more valuable, which means it can rent for a higher rate and have more money in the bank. People who rent now and in the future will enjoy better living spaces and amenities, but the owners of the properties also benefit from more money and a better value. Nick has also recently been interested in NNN commercial real estate, which is different from the Multi-Family market that he focuses on the most. When investors want to make money for their families in the future, they buy properties with long-term leases and good tenants. For the base lease, they also charge less. Because the tenant pays some of the maintenance, insurance, and property tax costs in the NNN lease, they pay less in rent each month than they would in a different lease agreement. This is because the tenant pays some of these costs. In general, landlords find it easier to find tenants and get steady rent because the rent is lower. Nikolaos Debeyiotis is also very interested in the stock market. If you ask him, he says that he has had a lot of success in the stock market. In his job, Nick prefers to work for companies that make products that are simple and easy to understand, and that have a good chance of making money in the long run. A belief that they will only be profitable for a short time or become obsolete makes him stay away from fads and stocks called “meme stocks.” The way Nick invests is smart and measured. He picks good opportunities carefully and avoids the rumors, hearsay, and panic trends that drive the market. Nick Debeyiotis likes activities that help him learn new things and see things in a new way. When he isn’t reading, he likes to think about different things. You can find books about it and even do more research on the subject if he gets interested in it. With all types of real estate at the top of Nick’s list, he’s always open to new ideas and projects. Nikolaos Debeyiotis takes new investment opportunities very seriously and carefully. Before putting money into a new project, he thinks about and thoroughly checks out the project.