Building Model update around NCD( Waigani, Boroko and Downtown POM)

Posted by Nicxon Piaso on 14 September 2021 in English (English).

Today as of this week, I started editing the missing map details around the Gordons( esp the National Stadium), Rita Flynn Netbal Centre, Sir John Guise Stadium as well as commercial Buildings around Waigani area. It took me almost 3 days before the 3-D model of these Stadium(Sporting facilities) appeared in I hope to see these models also reflected in

Although these are LOD 2 models( in my context), I may hope to try pulling those models into Blender-OSM to further enhance these Buildings, in the future( to take 3D modeling a further step up). I hope to still edit areas that aren’t not mapped out around Port Moresby areas, such as Gerehu Suburbs which are still missing details. Alot still needs to be done around our National Capital city which is still lacking map elements in OSM.

I have done all my BEST and its almost a year that I have actively been editing maps around Port Moresby area esp. the Metropolitan area where high-rise Buildings and densely-packed detached buidings are.

One fundamental function that anyone can use is the Building tags; as I am using only the ID Editor as I don’t have access to use JOSM to verify if my tags are valid. Thanks goes to the OSM moderators who are providing me helpful tips&insights on how I can edit the maps with any error. I am still pressing and pulling myself up-to-date with OSM HELP menu and correcting myself to re-edit feature entries which are erroneous.

Thankyou all and once again happy mapping to all the Mappers around Papua New Guniea and to the Moderators who are taking their time to correct us.

BOLA! and happy Mapping.

Location: Yairik, Enga, Highlands Region, Papua New Guinea

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